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PointsBet Sportsbook Review & Promo Code 2022

PointsBet Sportsbook is a high-end online sportsbook that offers an excellent site and platform. In addition, they provide great pricing, points betting, and reasonable promotional offers, particularly for new users.

PointsBet is currently not as popular as its competitors like DraftKings, but they provide an excellent overall experience. They may not be one of the best online sportsbooks in the industry. However, it looks like they aspire to become one.

PointsBet Sportsbook has the usual ways to bet on sports and "PointsBetting," which is a high-risk, high-reward way to bet. "PointsBetting" bets let people win (or lose) more money depending on how much the winner won. People have liked this new and different way to bet.

In this PointsBet review, we will go over PointsBet and all of its features and details, including its promos, signup, bet markets, banking options, and so on.

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient user experience & interface
  • The signature “PointBetting” feature
  • Live streaming feature
  • Convenient customer support
  • Loss potentially exceeds initial wager
  • Have no round robins and teaser odds
Pointsbet sportsbook

Editors Conclusion: PointsBet Offers User-Friendly Experience

PointsBet entered the United States in January 2019 via New Jersey. Its innovative bookmaking style includes "PointsBetting," which lets people win (or lose) more money depending on how much the winner won. Other features, such as Good Karma Payouts and Early Payments, prioritize bettors first.

Founded in Australia, PointBet launched in 2019 in the United States in New Jersey. It introduced its innovative bookmaking style to the United States in January 2019. when it launched in New Jersey. It has a fast and easy-to-use app that gives sports bettors a great overall experience.

PointsBet lets you bet on sports in a legal way on both your phone and computer. PointsBet Sportsbook app is "the quickest and most user-friendly app" and is available for iOS and Android. In addition, its "PointsBetting" feature lets people win (or lose) more money depending on how much the winner won.

PointsBet also has features that put bettors first, such as Good Karma Payouts, Early Payments, and a $10,000 guarantee for all NBA playoff games on the day of the game. The sportsbook also has one of the broadest betting options for all four major U.S. sports (NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL games).

PointsBet Sportsbook Bonus and Promotion

PointsBet is in line with the industry regarding bonuses and promotions. Nothing more, nothing less. The online sportsbook offers various promotions, which you may find on the promos page. These promos differ depending on the sport or league, the type of bet, and even the time of day. 

Currently, they have a referral bonus for their current users and a risk-free bets bonus for new users. The promos are claimable via the PointsBet app or its online sportsbook website. Below is the most beneficial promo code for PointsBet for new registrants.

Second Chance 5 x $100 in Free Bets

PointsBet $500 Free Bet offer

This is a great offer for all new customers at PointsBet. Your first 5 bets get a second change which means that if any of your 5 cash bets (first bet per day for 5 consecutive days) are lost you get a few bets worth up to $100 each day. 

Promo Offer:5 Free Bets worth $100 each
Promo Code:SX5X100
Selected Events: All
Eligible States:CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV
Min. Deposit:$5
Wagering Req.:None

$2,000 Worth of Two Risk Free Bets at PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet $2000 Free Bet offer

PointsBet Sportsbook offers a phenomenal up to $2,000 in two risk-free bets welcome bonus offers. Follow the link below by clicking the button and entering our promo code, and you will get standard risk-free bets up to $500 and additional bets worth $1,500 risk-free on PointsBet.

Promo Offer:2 Free Bets worth $2,000
Promo Code:SQORE2000
Selected Events: All
Eligible States:CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV
Min. Deposit:$5
Wagering Req.:None

Simply having the $500 standard risk-free bets puts PointsBet in line with many competitors' sign-up offers. However, adding the $1,500 risk-free bets puts them over the top as having one of the best sign-up offers. 

With this offer, your first standard wager is a risk-free bet, up to $500. If the bet wins, it is paid out as expected. If it loses, you are credited free bets in your account for the amount of the loss. 

Additionally, there is the PointsBetting risk-free bet. PointsBetting uses a margin of win or loss on a given bet to create a multiplier for the win or the loss. 

For example, if you bet the Alabama Crimson Tide -21 for $100, and they win by 31, the 10-point differential would create a 10x multiplier. $100 on the initial wager with a 10x multiplier would result in a $1000 win. 

This type of wager you will be able to place, risk-free, for up to $1,500. So be sure to be as aggressive as comfort allows upon signing up to take full advantage of this offering. 

In addition to this industry-leading sign-up offer, they also offer great ongoing promotions. You can often find juice (or vig) free offerings for fun daily and weekly promotions. PointsBet has you covered better than any other sports betting company in the online sports betting market.

Other Promos

Refer a Friend

Existing clients can invite their friends to join PointsBet Sportsbook by sending them a unique referral link. Both parties will earn $50 in bonus bets if a buddy registers and deposits at least $50. You can earn up to $2,500 in annual refer-a-friend bonuses.

Parlay Bonus

For parlay bettors, PointsBet has a variety of offers. For example, if one leg fails in a parlay with four or more legs, you will receive a refund of up to $25. In addition, the sportsbook has a unique 'Booster' tool that allows players to increase the final price on any three or more leg parlay. A certain number of Boosters are given to each user.

Lunchtime booster odds

The Lunch Booster Opportunity can be found on the events page available on weekdays from noon until 3.00 PM ET. The maximum bet you can place is $100 and is only available to players in New Jersey.

How to Sign up and Claim the Promo Code

How to Sign and for PointsBet sportsbook

Signing up for a new sportsbook account is arguably the same as setting up any other digital account. It is simple but indeed takes time for the process to complete. 

One thing the prospective members often find exhausting in registering a new sportsbook account is that much detailed information needs to be filled in during the process.  

However, signing up to PointBet doesn't have to be considered intimidating. 

That is why we give you the step-by-step guide to signing up for the PointsBet account below

1 Visit the PointsBet website or app

For signing up, we must first go to the designated page on the PointsBet site.

To make things quick, we go through it by hitting the link provided in the PointsBet promo offer table above to find the registration page.

2 Hit the "sign up" button

On the page, we mostly come across a call to action button to sign up. 

Hit the button and then fill our data in the provided column.

3 Input and verify your data

For the record, these are the common information you need to fill in during the sign-up process:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Date Of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Select Residing State
  • Cell Phone
  • Last Four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)
4 Join PointsBet

At last, the next step we do is to accept the required policies and TnC and click on “Join PointsBet".

Loyalty Program at PointsBet

While it is common in many major sportsbooks to offer a lavish reward for their customers, PointBet has a different treatment on this layer of service.

PointsBet's reward program is relatively simple yet remains gratifying from the customers' perspective. 

It simply gives the customer points for every wagering activity they performed with PointsBet. Later on, customers can redeem those points for site credits. 

Below is the type of wagers that will earn points and the number of reward points applied to each type.  

  • Fixed odds betting = 1 Reward Point (every $5 wagered)
  • Parlay wagers = 1 Reward Point (for every $1 wagered)
  • PointsBetting wagers = 1 Reward Point (for every $1 won or lost)

Later on, players can redeem the rewards points via the PointsBet website by entering the “Rewards” tab. They can get free bets at $1.00 per 100 Reward Points.

PointsBet Sportsbook’s List of Rewards

Here are the number of free bets that you can earn based on the reward points collected:

Reward PointsFree Bets
250 points $2.50
500 points$5.00
2,500 points $25.00
5,000 points$50.00
10,000 points$100.00
50,000 points$500.00
100,000 points$1,000.00

You can find exclusive rewards and tier list information on the online sportsbook's official website.


What is the best promo available for PointsBet?

The answer is the two risk-free bets: up to $500 (for the standard first wager); $1500 (the first PointsBetting wager). You can claim this risk-free bet bonus using our promo code above.

Is wagering on PointsBet legit?

Yes, it is legal sportsbook in each and every state that PointsBet operates in.

What are the minimum and maximum bets and deposits on PointsBet?

The minimum deposit on PointsBet is $5 while the maximum amount is $50,000.

On what devices can I access PointsBet?

PointsBet is accessible through web browsers. The sportsbook also supports mobile sports betting via its app on iOS and Android devices.

How do I withdraw from PointsBet?

You can withdraw from PointsBet directly to your bank account or Paypal account.

Does PointsBet offer live betting?

Yes, PointsBet offers live betting. This also includes live mobile sports betting through the PointsBet app.

How old should I be to make a PointsBet account?

You must be at least 21 years old to make an account.

Can I have multiple accounts in PointsBet?

No, you may not as it is a violation of PointsBet Terms of Use.

Can I bet in credit with PointsBet?

No, PointsBet doesn’t provide a credit option for its users who are betting within the U.S.

Does PointsBet allow users to bet on college sports?

In its own policy, PointsBet allows users to wager on college sports and leagues and includes collegiate sports as part of their online sports betting market options.

Is it allowed to bet anonymously in PointsBet?

No. All states’ laws require players to be registered and verify their identities in order to do betting.

Does PointsBet provide esports betting?

Yes, it does. PointsBet has esports as one of its betting markets, and also gives esports betting odds on many major esports events and contests.

Does PointsBet provide fantasy games?

Although it is a modern sports betting site, PointsBet doesn’t feature fantasy games.

Does PointsBet provide sports betting contests?

Yes. PointsBet holds a variety of betting contests in specific sports leagues, such as the NFL

Betting at PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet is a very high-end online sports betting operator in prop bet offerings. They offer all the standard offerings you might come to expect from your online sportsbook but go above and beyond. 

They have solid prop offerings, and additionally, they offer PointsBetting. PointsBet offers lines on all of their betting markets; some of these even include fixed odds betting.

Odds Pricing

PointBet is primarily known for introducing several unique sports markets, and it is one aspect making the sportsbook stand out among other players in the industry. In addition, PointsBet often offers juice-free wagers on major market games, which is a rarity in the industry. The one drawback to PointsBet is the pricing on some prop offerings. While other sportsbooks and competitors like DraftKings offer -110 on each side of props, the PointsBet standard is -115.

The presence of the "PointsBetting" feature has made the pricing mechanism in PointsBet even more interesting for bettors. In addition, the distinctive wagering style of PointsBetting enables bettors to get their winnings or losses on a bet multiplied based on the margin of victory. This, in turn, allows PointsBet to provide both traditional sports betting and the more modern version of it through PointsBetting.

In a scenario to show how enticing the PointBetting pricing mechanism could be, in an NBA game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic, the line is a 10-point favorite for the Sixers. 

Thus, if a player bets $10 on the 76ers and the team manages to win by exactly 10 points, the player will win $10. 

Additionally, a player can bet up to a 50x multiplier. So in this scenario, if Philadelphia wins by more than 10 points, the player would also win an additional $10 for each point over the 10-point spreads. 

It applies the other way around, as the player would lose up to their set multiplier if the Sixers fail to cover the (-10) spread. The player would lose an additional $10 for each point under the (-10) point spreads.

Betting Option Types

PointsBet also has several features that put bettors first, such as Good Karma Payouts, Early Payments, and a $10,000 guarantee for all NBA playoff games on the day of the game. PointsBet Sportsbook also has one of the broadest betting options for all four major U.S. sports and events (NFL seasons, Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals, MLB games, NHL playoff games). For example, a single NBA game can have more than 1,000 ways to bet on it.

With solid offerings across the sports betting world and PointsBetting to boot, PointsBet is a winner in line with industry leader DraftKings in terms of offerings. At PointsBet Sportsbook, there are many options for both fixed-odds bets and "PointsBetting" bets. In addition, PointsBet offers lines on all of the following betting options.

Available Types of Betting Options
Against the spreadTeam PropsHalvesMoneylines
Point totalsPlayer PropsFuturesParlays Round
PointsBettingLive oddsRobin BetsTeasers

PointsBet Sportsbook has a strong prop offering base and is competitive with the sports betting industry leaders. Some of those offerings even have fixed odds wagering as an option. On top of it all, PointsBet covers a broad umbrella of different sports offerings. 

Betting Markets

PointsBet Sportsbook has added several unique online sports betting markets to set itself apart from other U.S. sportsbooks. Those include:

Available Types of Sports
NCAA BasketballNHLTennisGolf
Motor RacingTable TennisRugbySoccer

PointsBet Sportsbook offers live betting for most of the above sports if you see an edge you can exploit while a game or match is ongoing. Keep in mind there are subsets to many of these sports. For example, UFC does not just cover the UFC portion of mixed martial arts.

There is often betting availability for other promotions, such as Bellator. PointsBet does well to cover the lesser-known fighting promotions. Soccer covers both domestic and international leagues. 

Live Betting

PointsBet is one of the sportsbook operators offering online sports betting live. Live betting, sometimes known as 'in-play betting,' is usually provided in legal states through the most popular sportsbooks. The live betting feature of PointsBet is simple to use and offers plenty of options to wager as the action unfolds.

Live Streaming

PointsBet lets you bet on almost any major sport and has a complete live sports streaming package in partnership with Genius Sports. However, this new PointsBet feature is still limited to specialty sports such as tennis, football, volleyball, table tennis, and esports, mostly played during off-peak periods. The PointsBet mobile app also supports this Live Streaming functionality.

Cash Out Function

The PointsBet Cash Out feature is available for most pre-match singles in fixed-odds betting, and available markets are marked accordingly. In addition, you can settle bets at any time after placing a bet that supports the initial payout. This allows you to collect wins on your bets before the game is over and can minimize losses.

Same Game Parlay

PointsBet is the first and only sportsbook in the United States to offer live in-game parlay betting on NFL and NBA games and major events. During timeouts or other gaps in the action, customers can rapidly design their ideal "Live Same Game Parlay."

Other Notable Features

Wagers on PointsBetting

At PointsBet Sportsbook, there are many options for both fixed-odds bets and "PointsBetting" bets. Also, as previously mentioned, the signature features of PointBetting set this sportsbook apart from other mobile sports betting services. 

You can only find the "PointsBetting" way to bet at PointsBet. With a PointsBetting (also called "points betting") bet, your winnings or losses are multiplied by the margin of victory or loss. This is a unique way to take advantage of being correct on blowout wins. 

For example, a $10 wager on the over would pay out $150 if the game lands on 195. Likewise, the same wager would cost $40 if the game lands on 176 points.

For example, the Philadelphia 76ers were set as a 10-point favorite over the Miami Heat in a recent NBA PointsBetting line. So if you bet $10 on the 76ers and they win by exactly 10 points, you win $10.

But you can bet up to a 50x multiplier, and if Philadelphia wins by more than 10 points, you win an extra $10 for each point over the 10-point spread. 

On the other hand, you can lose up to your set multiplier if the 76ers don't cover the (-10) spread. So for every point under the (-10) spread, you lose an extra $10.

Insurance Bets

Parlay insurance is standard, and many sports betting apps, and online sportsbooks offer it as a choice. PointsBet's betting options are slightly better than any of its direct competitors. 

PointsBet can give back $25 if a parlay bet loses one leg (with at least four choices).

No-juice Spreads

PointsBet has been known as a free-giver of no-juice spread betting. PointsBet started it all by removing the juice from NBA games a few years ago, and later in 2019, when the sportsbook also excluded the NFL point spreads.   

In 2021, PointsBet also applied the no juice on NFL Championship game spreads, one of the platform's featured betting markets.

Until recently, the sportsbook often produced “No Juice Saturdays" for NFL fans. In that event, PointsBet offers +100 lines on the point spread for Sunday and Monday NFL games. 

People would only need to place a wager between 6 p.m. ET on Friday night and 1 a.m. ET on Sunday.

Chances Grew

PointsBet users can use boost odds to bet on unique events and get odds that are higher than they are. For example, PointsBet's oddsmakers might change a boosted odds bet from -115 to +105.

Other Product at PointsBet Sportsbook - Online Casino

To develop it's brand further, PointsBet began to penetrate the online casino world in May 2021 in Michigan, followed by New Jersey. This year, the launch of the PointsBet online casino continued in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

So far, the variety of games in the PointsBet online casino has been limited. Likewise, the promos offered are not as many as PointsBet Sportsbook.

PointsBet Sportsbook Mobile App

PointsBet Sportsbook App

PointsBet betting app has a great platform that makes all your sports betting needs easily accessible at your fingertips. This platform is available for PointsBet iOS and Android users and can be downloaded via AppStore and Google Play Store.

PointsBet lets you do mobile betting on sports legally on both your phone and your computer. Compared to other betting apps, the PointsBet Sportsbook app is said to be "the quickest and most user-friendly app", and it is available for iOS and Android. In addition, the PointsBet platform is responsive and easy to use, so it should appeal to bettors of all skill levels.

Using the "Play Now" links in this review, you can sign up for PointsBet Sportsbook and get a deposit bonus of two risk-free bets worth up to $2,000. One of the free bets can be used for your first fixed odds bet up to $500, and the other can be used for a "PointsBetting" bet up to $1,500.

Performance: The PointsBet platform is responsive and easy to use, so it should appeal to bettors of all skill levels.

Looks and Usability: The website provides a variety of services. PointsBet has produced a beautiful and well-designed sports betting website. Even though everything on the site is readable, it uses dark reds and blacks to create a pleasingly atmospheric experience. Only English and Spanish are available as primary language options on the site. On the "promos" page, gamers can find a wide choice of deals. These promos differ depending on the league, the type of bet, and even the time of day.

Interface: It is easy to locate any promotions needed and navigate to the sports and games you are looking for. While it is easy to find prop offerings within each game, the only slight drawback is needing to click a separate tab labeled “all comps” to find future offerings.  

Bet Slip: The bet slip is straightforward to find at the bottom of the page, thanks to the professional design. It does not require navigating away from the page you are on to view it. 

PointsBet Sportsbook app and site are on the shortlist of best online sportsbooks. It is easy to find the best promotion for you, the games and markets you are looking for, and place the bets you want.

How to download and install the PointsBet Sportsbook app on Android

Follow the steps below to install the PointsBet Android app successfully:

  1. The first step is configuring your phone to accept apps from third-party sources. To do so, go to "Settings", then "Security Options", and finally, the "Unknown Sources" section. From there, enable "Allow installation from unknown sources".
  2. After you're finished with the settings, open your regular mobile browser and enter PointsBet's URL. Next, click on the "PointsBet Android – Download App" banner at the bottom right of the home page. A green pop-up "Get the App" button will appear. To begin the download, tap on this button.
  3. Once the download is complete, locate the .apk file in your download folder and double-click it to install.

The PointsBet app will be added to your app drawer when the installation is finished. To begin betting, open the app and register or log in. 

Minimum Requirements for PointsBet Sportsbook Android app
Android Version8.0 or higher
PermissionThe app will need access to the device location
Download size54 MB

How to download and install the PointsBet Sportsbook app on iOS

Follow the steps below to install the PointsBet iOS app successfully:

  1. Launch the iTunes app store from your device.
  2. Type "PointsBet" into the search bar and select the result with the distinctive scarlet PointsBet logo. You'll notice that there is one iPhone option and another for iPads. Select the appropriate option based on the device you're using.
  3. Click the app to download and install it on your device.
Minimum Requirements for PointsBet Sportsbook iOS app
iOS Version9.3 or higher
PermissionThe app will need access to the device location
Download size54 MB

State Availability

PointBet expanded from being in just eight states back in 2019 to operating in 14 states presently. Expanding its reach across the United States, PointsBet works in some of the most popular places to bet on sports in the U.S., such as New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana. PointsBet Sportsbook is presently accessible for download in the following states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, and Illinois, with more states to follow, including Arizona, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

In April 2022, a Canadian launch is planned, with Ontario as the first province. Below is a list of states where PointsBet is presently available and the land-based partners it has in providing PointsBet retail sportsbook for physical betting of its various sports betting markets.

StatesPartnersLaunch Date 
ColoradoDouble Eagle CasinoNovember 2020
IowaCatfish Bend CasinoNovember 2019
IllinoisHawthorne Race CourseSeptember 2020
IndianaPenn National 2020
MichiganNorthern Waters CasinoJanuary 22, 2021
New JerseyMeadowlands RacetrackJanuary 2018
New YorkNew York State Gaming Commission 2021
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Gaming Control BoardJanuary 2022
VirginiaColonial Downs GroupDecember 15, 2021
West VirginiaHollywood CasinoAugust 2021

The online sports betting operator will also prepare to expand their PointsBet Sportsbook legal status in other states when they legalize sports betting. Drew Brees, a former NFL quarterback, is a spokesperson for PointsBet. He has helped the site become more well-known since PointsBet New Jersey launched in January 2019.

Being the official betting partner for NBC Sports is also an essential part of the business. PointsBet has become the most popular platform in the United States because of its partnerships and how well it treats its users.

Banking Options at PointsBet

Depositing and withdrawing on PointsBet is a seamless experience, with only one minor drawback. PointsBet does not offer as many depositing and withdrawing options as some sports betting site competitors. 

Deposit Methods

To deposit at PointsBet, you have several payment service options to choose from:

Payment MethodsProcessing TimePayment TypeMin. Deposit
ACH/eCheckInstantBank transfer$10
Credit/Debit CardInstantBank transfer$10
Online BankingInstantBank transfer$10
PayPalInstantE-wallet $10
PointsBet MasterCardInstantPrepaid Voucher$10

How to make a deposit on PointsBet

To deposit into your PointsBet Sportsbook account, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the My Account section of the site/app.
  2. Select Deposit from the drop-down menu. A list of all available techniques will appear, along with other information.
  3. Select the method that you desire.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit (at least $10) and complete the form by following the instructions. Depending on your chosen method, you'll need to provide information like your bank account/routing number, debit/credit card details, or anything else.
  5. Confirm that the transaction is complete. Within minutes, your cash should be in your gaming account.

Note that in Indiana, credit cards are not an option. However, there is a cash option for those who reside in Iowa, New Jersey, and Illinois.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawing is just as simple as depositing, and payouts come as quickly as with any online sports betting in the industry. Additionally, you can feel safe with your money on PointsBet as they are regulated by each state in which they operate.

Here are some payment services that you can choose from at PointsBet:

Payment MethodsProcessing TimePayment TypeMin Amount
CashUp to 24 hoursCash$50
PayPal1-2 business daysE-wallet $5
ACH/eCheck2-5 business daysBank transfer$5
Online banking transfer2-5 business daysBank transferNot specified

You can cash at Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino and Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey. You can also cash out at Catfish Bend Casino in Iowa. 

For Illinois, you can deposit cash in three Chicago area retail locations: the Club Hawthrone Crestwood & PointsBet Sportsbook, Club Hawthrone Prospect Height & PointsBet Sportsbook, and Hawthrone Race Course.

Customer Support

Customer Support is a pivotal aspect of every service, primarily the sports betting provider. PointsBet is known to always handle its customers' issues amid their sportsbook platform activity. 

Currently, PointsBet provides easy access to its customer support team, with three different channels for users to reach out to whenever encountering issues. 

Here are the four customer support channels provided on the PointsBet platform. 

  • Email: The “email us” tab is located at the bottom right corner of the PointsBet.com webpage and is available 24/7.
  • Telephone: There are two hotlines provided, 833-338-PBET (for the issue of account suspension) and 1-800 GAMBLER (for responsible gambling requests)
  • Live Chat: It is also available 24/7 and is located in the lower-left corner of the PointsBet website.
  • Social Media: PointsBet also provides customers care via its several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Responsible Gambling

PointsBet has three different options for their customers to limit losses or to be sure they are not gambling beyond their means. 

We recommend mapping out what can be safely wagered and using any options available to keep your wagering experience fun and safe.

  • Deposit Limit: This allows you to limit what you can deposit in a time frame you choose, of either 1, 7, or 30 days.
  • Self-exclusion: This is a voluntary self-ban from using the PointsBet app or site for a specific time. This can be temporary or permanent.
  • Cool off period: This option allows you to voluntarily not be able to access the site for a specified time.
  • Time-Based Limits: This allows you to set a time limit for the amount of time you spend on PointsBet sites daily. Once the limit is placed, you must wait until your selected period is over before you can increase or remove the limit.

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