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Sqore connects people to educational and career opportunities through skill-based competitions.

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Our story

During college, four friends quickly discovered the benefits of online competitions: travel perks, networking opportunities, cash prizes, and of course, bragging rights. They also saw the potential in making competitions more accessible to a global audience, especially those with limited access to higher education. So they built their own listing site, Student Competitions, to connect young minds with global opportunities.

Today, the tradition of innovating and experimenting with online competitions continues, but under a new platform and with the help of a much larger team.

With a growing user base and thousands of corporate, government, and university partnerships, Sqore is changing the future of recruitment and employer branding. Now, motivated students and young professionals can compete against a like-minded global audience for opportunities ranging from academic scholarships to corporate jobs or internships — not to mention partner certifications and recognition from their peers.

Sqore remains a tight knit team that takes pride in every competition, especially if it means creating an opportunity for someone deserving. We are focused on growing so that we can bring more opportunities to every corner of the globe; because we believe that it’s not about how you learned, it’s about what you know.

We believe in equal access to opportunities.

We believe that competition brings out the best in people.

We believe that passion and hard work should be rewarded.


    Our team

    All the wonderful people who make your competitions possible.
    We're always looking for great new talent to join our team!

    Bo Albertsson

    Head of Corporate Communications

    Christian Avemark


    Karin Bergström

    HR & Talent Manager

    Sebastian von Bischopink

    Creative Director

    Gustav Borgefalk

    Chief Business Development Officer / Founder

    Samantha Braun

    Sales Development Representative

    JoEllen Buckley

    Marketing Associate

    Thibault de Chazal

    Account Executive

    Damir Cosic

    International Account Manager

    Nadiya Dyekina

    Project Manager

    Stephen Edge

    Senior Designer

    Jessica Englund

    Campaign Manager

    Robert Falkén

    Senior Developer

    Linda Fredell

    Project Manager

    Andrew Gomes

    Marketing Coodinator

    Malin Granlund

    Business Area Manager

    Tomas Hennerfors

    Head of SDR

    Madeleine Hoyet

    Key Account Manager

    Mark Hughes

    International Account Manager

    Johan Jansson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Niklas Jungegård

    Chief Executive Officer / Founder

    Robert Karlsson


    Jasmine Kedir

    Sales Development Representative

    Victor Koronen


    Richard Lööf


    Robert Lyngman

    Chief Strategy Officer / Founder

    Vilina Mihaylova


    Clare Mills

    B2B Marketing Manager

    Shabnam Mirzoeva

    Marketing Manager

    Eric Ohlsson

    Marketing Associate

    Valérie Pedersén

    Client Success Manager

    Maja Ronca

    Marketing Associate

    Sofia Samaras

    Project Manager

    Weiyan Shao


    Aron Strandberg


    Simon Ström


    Mariza Swart

    Client Success Manager

    Lucas Thoren

    Website & Campaign Manager

    Rosen Tihomirov


    Julia Wigselius


    Joe Wilcox


    Danielle Wright

    Marketing Coordinator

    Chu Zhu

    Chief Technology Officer / Founder

    Jason Zhu

    Data Scientist