New team joins Browns QB Baker Mayfield sweepstakes, reports say

Last updated July 4, 2022 | Published July 4, 2022

The relationships between the Cleveland Browns and quarterback Baker Mayfield have been developing at a snail’s pace these days. From Mayfield’s decision to get out from the team to Cleveland’s intention of not wanting to release the QB for free, it seems that both parties are running in the exact same circle.

Mayfield sees no future in Cleveland, and the addition of QB Deshaun Watson confirmed his decision to play somewhere else. Meanwhile, the team was aware of how valuable a starting QB can be. Releasing Mayfield for free is out of the question. Besides, Cleveland will have to pay the QB’s guaranteed $18.8 million contract up front whether he stays in or out of the team.

Ahead of the start of the regular season, there were only two teams reportedly interested in having Mayfield on board, namely the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers. However, ESPN sports journalist Michael Balko reported that a new team recently entered the Mayfield sweepstakes.

New team joining Mayfield sweepstakes

Both Seattle and Carolina were the only teams that always hit the major news headlines for wanting to acquire Mayfield.

However, the development surrounding Mayfield has been slow, which led many to believe that the QB would likely enter free agency or remain in Cleveland. The latter seems to be the case since the Browns were preparing for any possible NFL restrictions imposed on Watson should his legal case spiral out of control. In other words, the team may employ Mayfield as a failsafe.

Now that a new team has reportedly entered the sweepstakes, NFL enthusiasts are looking at Mayfield’s case.

Aside from Seattle and Carolina, other teams with enough cap space could have Cleveland’s QB. The Dallas Cowboys could be the mysterious team since the team has decent cap space to acquire Mayfield. Aside from the Cowboys’ financial ability, they also do not have appropriate backup players. QB Cooper Rush is the backup player. However, unlike Mayfield, Rush lacks playoffs experience.

The New Orleans Saints or Tampa Bay Buccaneers could also be the mysterious team candidate. The Saints might already have the likes of Andy Dalton, Ian Book and Taysom Hill—however, Mayfield could fit in the shoe of starter Jameis Winston.

As for the Buccaneers, legendary QB Tom Brady might truly enter retirement after the upcoming season. Aside from Brady, Mayfield is considered the alternative option to either Blaine Gabbert or Kyle Trask.

There are other teams like the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, and the recent Super Bowl title holder Los Angeles Rams. However, it seems unlikely that Mayfield would land a spot in either of the teams.

What is certain at this point is that time is not siding with the 27-year-old. Mayfield is currently in his fifth-year option—and despite a guaranteed paycheck, his opportunities to play in the NFL are running dry. The Browns’ decision not to let him go for the right price also has affected teams such as Seattle and Carolina.

With seemingly no solutions for Cleveland and its QB, it remains to be seen what the future holds for both parties.

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