Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes recalls story following defeat to Bengals

Last updated June 17, 2022 | Published June 17, 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs came in short as the team failed to make their way into the Super Bowl last season and in 2018. However, it seems that January’s overtime defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals left quite a mark on quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Cincinnati took over the win from Kansas City that day. Mahomes and co. had to suffer a close overtime defeat 27-24. The matchup led many to believe that it was a complete meltdown for the Chiefs and that they could have won it.

Almost five months later, Mahomes said that the defeat was his “worst playoff football”. As he recalled, Kansas City could bounce back in the fourth despite an early-game slump. NFL analysts and enthusiasts came to agree with him after digging into the QB’s remarkable playing stats throughout the years.

Mahomes recalls his “worst playoff” in NFL

Mahomes had a thrilling and stellar performance when the team played against the New England Patriots in October last year. Despite the defeat to New England, the QB posted an outstanding performance by hitting two touchdowns and 236 yards.

However, the defeat did not bother him as much as when Kansas City was forced to surrender against Cincinnati in January.

Both teams played twice in that month as they compete for the NFL Conference championships. The first matchup was on January 2, having the Bengals as the hosting team.

Mahomes ended the matchup with yet another top-tier performance with two touchdowns and managed 259 yards. Sadly, Kansas City conceded with only three points behind Cincinnati 34-31.

Both teams were scheduled for a rematch by the end of the month on January 30. This time has Kansas City as the hosting team. Conceding to the Bengals twice was out of the question for the Chiefs. However, it turns out that the visiting team took away the win in a close overtime win 27-24.

Looking back, the Chiefs were spot on during the matchup as they successfully took over the early-game lead in the first two quarters. Registering seven and followed by a whopping 14 in the second, while Cincinnati was only limited to three and seven.

The unexpected happened when the Bengals closed up the scoring gap in the third, adding 11 points, and successfully limited the Chiefs to zero. In the following quarter, both teams made three points each and the match was 24-24.

The game was forced to enter overtime and Kansas City was forced to witness Cincinnati hit an additional three points to win the game. The defeat for Mahomes and co. was described by Arrowhead Addict as a “complete breakdown” for the hosting team.

The 26-year-old Mahomes who had three touchdowns and recorded 275 yards recalled his play after the team’s second defeat to the Bengals as “the worst” and it still bothers him up to this day months away from the start of the regular season of the NFL.

“Probably the worst playoff football I've played was the second half of that game,” the four-time Pro Bowler said via KSHB 41 News’ sports anchor Aaron Ladd.

The game against the Bengals earlier this year might be a complete meltdown for the Chiefs, but the team is determined to win it big in the upcoming season of NFL.

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