NIL rules lack enforcement, says UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kellys

Last updated August 7, 2022


According to UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kelly, the implementation of the NCAA's name, image, and likeness (NIL) is inadequate.

NIL is a provision that allows collegiate players to profit from themselves and take money from businesses in exchange for incorporating their profiles in products or commercials. Over the years, it has resulted in some confusion over what should be permitted.

UCLA is said to have launched the Westwood Exchange earlier this year. The introduction allows corporations to engage with athletes for NIL reasons. Apart from the school's compliance office, 140 firms have signed off on the project so far.

“I think if the enforcement arm of the NCAA catches up to the rules of the NCAA, I think we’ll be in a great situation,” Kelly said before practice on Saturday.

Kelly said that schools should not contemplate considering NIL in the decision to retain players since it would create a gap for players who have not been in any deals, citing that this is not “recruiting inducements.”

“Coaches can’t be involved in brokering deals for student athletes. This is not pay-for-play. This is not recruiting inducements,” Kelly argues.

Despite this, according to reports, the number of UCLA football players who have signed contracts is increasing, including Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Chase Griffin, and Kam Brown.

“It’s been a spectacular experience,” Brown said.

He also encouraged people to truly delve into it, adding that there are numerous benefits to it, so they can jump into the correct deals.

“Do your research. Because there’s many allowances to it. So alone do your research, accomplish abiding you’re bent into the correct deals, get somebody to attending at everything. It can be absolute special," he explained.

Meanwhile, Griffin's reputation has skyrocketed since winning multiple championships this year, including NIL Summit's NIL Male Athlete of the Year after signing with Degree, Shell, Discord, and Boost Mobile.

NIL requires efforts

Kelly said that there are particular criteria that players must satisfy in order to be successful in the NIL and that the contract has some expectations for each player to meet, rather than simply doing nothing.

“This is not a quid pro quo," he said. "People just can’t pay you X amount of dollars to do nothing. Maybe at some other places that happens, but at this place it doesn’t.”

Lincoln Riley said that he is aware that his institution is more prepared than others to capitalize on NIL as prospects in L.A. approach.

“I certainly recognized the opportunities that existed in L.A. and specifically with USC and felt like there was no school more positioned to capitalize off NIL than us.,” Riley remarked.

“Now that I’m boots on the ground, I believe that even more. It’s probably even more substantial than what I thought it could be.”

The influence of NIL has been experienced by certain players, like as Thompson-Robinson, who simply rented a yacht and took his whole offense unit on a boat vacation.

Jake Bobo, the wide receiver, remembered everything about his new experience.

“I couldn’t tell you how it was five to 10 years ago, but I imagine it was a little different, just in that aspect," he said.

He also said that he didn't know if they would be going out on boats two days before camp, utilizing the money that was essentially obtained from NIL.

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