Fernando Tatis Sr. says MLB's suspension on son 'a catastrophe'

Last updated August 16, 2022 | Published August 16, 2022

The MLB suspended San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. for 80 games last week on August 12 following a positive test for an anabolic steroid use of clostebol. The Dominican’s pro father, Fernando Tatis Sr. has spoken about the matter, arguing the league’s decision has affected his son’s career over a minor problem — since the Padres’ star was only using a medication to treat his ringworm.

Tatis Sr. who last played as third baseman for the New York Mets dubbed the MLB’s discipline as "a catastrophe" as the medication which contains clostebol and neomycin is not sold in the United States.

At the same time, the retired pro acknowledged that his son should have known in the first place that the medication contained clostebol, which by using it means violating the MLB’s drug policy. Additionally, Tatis Sr. holds the league should better manage the situation, and alongside his son, both plan to travel across the country to tell their side of the story.

‘This is a catastrophe’ says Tatis Sr. of MLB’s discipline

Speaking in "The Midday Show" in Spanish, Tatis Sr. said the discipline imposed on his son was “a catastrophe” and was a huge disappointment to baseball fans.

"I don't think there was reason to destroy the image of a player over something as minor as that. This is a catastrophe what has taken place, not just for Jr., but for all of baseball,” he said.

“There are millions of fans who are gonna stop watching baseball now. It's a total disappointment for Dominican fans, fans throughout the world, for something so insignificant that wasn't worth it.”

Tatis Jr. penned a 14-year, $340 million contract extension in 2021 with the Padres since his MLB debut with the team in 2018.

However, there were playing reliability concerns about him such as trust issues which were hinted at by Padres general manager A.J. Preller last week, as per ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez.

In addition to suspension and trust issues, the shortstop's offseason wrist injury that barred him from attending games in 2022 also has affected his value. All of these may affect his stay in San Diego.

This was something that Tatis Sr. wanted to do in the first place after seeing that his son’s image has been thrown under the bus in the wake of the suspension. The former pro remains firm that the drug used by his son had zero effect on his games.

“It's a topical. What came out positive in Jr.'s body is something that doesn't give you strength, first of all, doesn't amplify your [weight-training] regimen, that's second, doesn't have any testosterone, that's third, doesn't contain absolutely anything that would give you an edge in the game. What has occurred is a catastrophe for baseball,” he continued.

After three seasons with the Padres, Tatis Jr. has appeared in 273 games, made 210 runs scored, 303 hits, and smacked 84 home runs. The 2021 All-Star became the first in the MLB’s history to have posted 80 home runs and 50 stolen bases in the first 300 career games, Gonzalez reported.

"There's something that nobody will ever be able to take away: the grace with which Fernando plays the game. There's no human being who will ever be able to take that away,” Tatis Sr. said.

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