Wolverines coach Matt Weiss talks about QB competition

Last updated August 8, 2022


The Michigan soccer team started its fall training last week. On Sunday, co-offensive coordinators Sherron Moore and Matte White met with media members to talk about what they had seen.

The main topic of conversation during the meeting was the battle for the starting quarterback position, which started when Cade McNamara led the team to the Big Ten title and a College Football Playoffs appearance last season. Although JJ McCarthy, a former five-star recruit, has seen limited playing time in his first two seasons, his athletic ability could give him a higher cap.

During the meeting, Matt Weiss discussed the competition for the starting quarterback position and Michigan's recruiting efforts. He also talked about the team's offensive philosophy, wide receiver, and running back options.

What Wolverines Coach thinks about QB competition

Although McCarthy has not seen much playing time in his first two seasons, he is still working his way back into the starting lineup. Wolverines have two good quarterbacks, and the best player will be playing. Both of them have improved mentally, and Weiss thinks both of them are going to be great. At the end of last season, both were playing at a high level.

"JJ is definitely working his way back into it. I think we’re blessed to have two boys who would start in most places. We’ve got two really good quarterbacks and the best player is going to play and I’d say they’re both really improved," said coach Weiss.

"If you look at last fall, Cade has improved physically. Like any player, he’s gotten mentally better with experience. He’s playing at a really high level. And then JJ did the same. So we’re in a great position with these two guys."

According to coach Weiss, the partnership between the offensive and defensive coordinators is excellent for the team. It's another example of Jim Harbaugh's genius, as he could find a way to get two great coordinators in place. He and Moore are very cooperative, and the coach is trying to help him out as much as possible.

After talking about the partnership between the offensive and defensive coordinators, coach Weiss stated that they are both thrilled with the direction of the team's offense. He also praised Jim's work and said that he's hoping that the coach will tell the same story.

"And I think so far we're really happy with where the offense is and where we're going and we have the same vision. I find it exciting. I know I'm glad he's here with me. He's a great coach. And hopefully, he would tell you the same thing," Weiss added.

QBs are constantly monitored said coach Weiss

According to coach Weiss, the team's quarterbacks are constantly monitored to ensure they get the most out of their practice. He also said they are doing everything they can to ensure that their bodies are getting the proper care.

One of the most critical factors that the coaches are trying to make sure that the players are taking care of is the throwing arm, which is a strain.

"We've put a lot of effort into not just counting reps, but also making sure they're putting everything they take out back in with practice – you know, throwing is a strain on the arms, just the act of throwing the ball. It's a weighted object and an unweighted delay. So we're doing everything we can to make sure they put everything back in their arms and take care of their bodies. JJ has exactly the same plan as everyone else," Weiss said.

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