Utah State Aggies pull a comeback, outplay San Diego Aztecs 75-57

Last updated January 28, 2022

The San Diego Aztecs bounced and failed during NCAA men’s basketball with the Utah State Aggies having 13 points margin wide, putting them on the losing side. Having only six days of preparation to face head-to-head against San Diego, the Aggies had to pull out playing out of desperation to up their game.

While both are familiar with one another, an alliance between the two is likely out of the question, proven with the previous three seasons where the Aztecs secure 4-5 against Utah State and the Aggies are keen on winning after not tasting victory for eternity, Utah State guard Steven Ashworth claimed.

The triumph was welcomed with warmth by the Aggies due to the long-awaited victory they are looking for after pulling out an overtime win at New Mexico on January 8. Within that span of time, the Aggies had received 11-9 and 2-5 in the Mountain West and followed with losing in four games with 17 points in total.

Sweet victory for Aggies

According to DeseretNews, Utah State University’s (USU) senior forward Brandon Horvath continued that the team is always on practice every day and it feels good to beat a good team. He also responded regarding the Aggies' lost streak, which he claimed the other teams are good on the court.

Horvath managed to score 12 points, one assist and five rebounds. Based on points scored, he came third after Justin Bean who managed to get 13 points, five assists and 13 rebounds. The top belongs to Steven Ashworth with 17 points, five assists and two rebounds.

The confident arc stepped up on Aggies’ side after successfully hitting 10 threes, forcing Aztecs down on their feet with 75-57. While Aggies played with confidence out of desperation, Aztecs returned the favor by playing or suffering from a sluggish effort during the game’s second half on Wednesday.

After having a one-point lead during halftime, the Aggies sparked the second half of the game with a 14-2 and kept the Aztecs at bay to work up the gap or seven points closer throughout the whole game.


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Overall play

The second straight game runs with the absence of Utah State starting guard Rylan Jones due to a concussion. The whole game was carried out on the offensive by Steven Ashworth securing 17 points and five 3 pointers.

Senior forward Justin Bean on the other hand had secured his own doubles, 13 points and 13 rebounds–then followed by junior guard Sean Bairstow scoring all of his 10 points, helping the Aggies with 49.1% above the Aztecs’ Matt Bradley with 48.9% who happened to be the highest points scorer of 19 points.

The game had shown that Aztecs is lacking in offense, has failed to tap into an offensive rebound, and seems dependent on Matt Bradley. The Aztecs ended up overworked, giving away too many advantage rebounds and lacking offense.

Following the game’s aftermath, Brian Dutcher, the head coach for the San Diego State men’s basketball team, claimed that the Aggies took all of their frustration on his team during the match. Dutcher seems likely to agree that the Aggies' triumph over his team was out of desperation of winning.

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