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Sqore is your home  for the best NCAA basketball picks for the 2021-2022 season. We offer daily against the spread and over/under selections. These free betting picks cover the Top 25, Power Five Conferences, and the smaller conferences as well. You will get college basketball picks from our experts absolutely and completely free for the entirety of the college basketball season. Of course this includes each and every round of March Madness, all the way through the National Championship Game. Take a look at our NCAA Basketball best bets for this week's schedule. 

Completely Free Expert Picks For The 2021-2022 NCAA Basketball Season

Free betting picks for the 2021-2022 college basketball season. We have experts that will make picking out your betting selections quite easy. They will sort through historical matchups, injuries, betting trends, home/away trends, and every bit of data to be sure to leave no stone unturned. These free picks and betting selections will be available to you from tip off of the season all the way through the March Madness tournament and into the National Championship Game itself. Whether it be in conference or out of confernce games, our experts will keep you covered all season long with the best against the spread and over/under betting picks, all totally free. 

Free Against The Spread College Basketball Picks

The most popular and most common form of wagering on NCAA Basketball is via against the spread wagers. These are not necissarily wagers on which team will win the game itself, but instead on which team will win against the set point spread. 

For a hypothetical example, we will use a game in which Gonzaga is favored by 10 points over North Carolina. Bets on this matchup would consist of taking either Gonzaga -10 or North Carolina +10. A bet on Gonzaga -10 would require the Bulldogs to win by more than 10 points to be considering a winner. A bet on the Tar Heels would require North Carolina to either win the game outright or lose by fewer than 10 points to be considered a winner. 

Free Over/Under NCAA Basketball Picks

Over/under wagering is nearly as common as against the spread wagering, but completely different in what the wagers themselves are on, Over/under betting is wagering on the total amount of points scored by both teams combined. Using our Gonzaga vs North Carolina example, we can use a hypothetical set total of 160 points. An over bet would require the two teams to score greater than 160 total points to be considered a winner. An under bet would requie the teams to score fewer than 160 points to be considered a winner. 

Over/Under betting is the second most popular type of wager on college basketball games, and we certainly offer over/under picks as well. 

Free Money Line College Basketball Wagering

In addition to against the spread and over/under wagering, we at Sqore will offer some free money line picks as well. Money line wagers are more common in sports like baseball, tennis and combat sports, but sometimes have their place in college basketball as well. 

Money Line wagering consists solely of picking the winner of the game, independent of any point spread. Instead of laying or taking points, money line wagers use an odds system. You will have to bet more than you can win when betting a favorite and bet less than you can win when betting an underdog. 

Using our hypothetical Gonzaga vs North Carolina game. With Gonzaga being a 10 point favorite, you woul dlikely have to lay about -600, or 6:1 to bet on the favorite to win outright. To take the underdog Tar Heels to win outright, you would get approximately +450, or 11:2 on your winning wager. 

More Than Just College Hoops

Here at Sqore, we don't cover just college basketball. We cover college football and any other sport on which we can wager and find an edge. 

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