Texas A&M is full of five-star prospects, thanks to Jimbo Fisher

Last updated February 3, 2022 | Published February 3, 2022

The college football recruiting season officially kicks off on Wednesday, February 1.

The significance of National Signing Day will determine the top recruiting class in the country. It will also help determine which schools have the most talent coming out of coast to coast. January provided the opportunity for senior prospects to take official visits and hit the road to see their top targets.

The program's recruiting has also steadily increased since Jimbo Fisher took over. In 2019, the first full recruiting class that he coached at Texas A&M ranked fourth in the nation.

It was reported that Louisiana State University was interested in hiring Fisher as its new head coach. However, Fisher stated that he would not consider the position due to the strength of his current team's recruiting class.

Fisher chose to stay with Texas A&M over the possibility of taking over at Louisiana State. The stability at the school played a huge role in his decision.

The three schools that were considered the top three in the recruiting rankings were Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M.

Fisher is currently under contract with the school until 2031. Meanwhile, Nick Saban's deal with Alabama only runs through 2029, and Smart's contract will expire in 2024, but an extension is expected to happen anytime soon.

Prospecting Shemar Stewart

As Texas A&M claimed the top spot following its impressive December run, the Aggies are looking forward to landing a five-star prospect, DL Shemar Stewart.

Stewart is a 6-foot-2, 250-pound defensive tackle that ranks as the third-best player in the 2022 class, according to the 247Sports Composite. By committing to the Aggies, he joins a team that already includes seven five-star prospects.

During his recruitment, Stewart told 247Sports that he believed that the team could be the best in the nation.

"I feel like we have the potential to be the best in the nation, especially in that front four," the five-star prospect said. "I feel like if everything clicks and we come together as a team, I don't think anyone is going to be able to stop us."

Due to his size and speed, Stewart was the top defensive line prospect in the country and an ideal fit for Texas A&M's defense. He has the tools to be a dominant player which allows him to beat his opponents with his size - everything a high school prospect could ask for in a defensive lineman.

Texas A&M's other five-star prospects

The Aggies' recruiting class is full of five-star prospects, which is among the best in the country. Walter Nolen, who was the biggest prize of the group, became the top-rated defensive lineman in the country.

As the seniors such as Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy, Enai White, and Anthony Lucas have been wrecking offensive lines all season, the addition of Stewart and Nolen to the team's defensive line roster further enhances Texas A&M's chances of being dominant in the league.

Offensively, quarterback Connor Weigman is the first five-star recruit to join Texas A&M since Kyler Murray, the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner. Aside from Weigman, the team also has the nation's top wide receivers, Chris Marshall and Evan Stewart.

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