Sean Brady vs Belal Muhammad Pick & Prediction

Last updated October 21, 2022

5:00 PM ET Oct 22
Sean Brady vs Belal Muhammad

Sean Brady is a -140 favorite against Belal Muhammad. Their welterweight fight takes place at UFC 280 on Saturday October 22nd, 2022. These fighters will make the walk right around 130PM EST. 

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Sean Brady -140 vs Belal Muhammad

✅ Belal Muhammad has elevated his stock over his last two fights with dominant and convincing wins over Vicente Luque and Stephen Thompson. He leaned on his wrestling and grappling game to win those fights and he had big advantages in those fights in that area, but that all changes in this fight. He will be at a disadvantage in the aforementioned areas, ranging from physical strength to wrestling to grappling. Muhammad may be the better striker in this matchup, but he does not have difference making power and that advantage, if it exists, will not be significant. Muhammad will likely continue to be more than happy wrestling and grappling. He will likely make his own path to victory more difficult by shooting takedowns of his own. Even if he lands takedowns, Brady’s BJJ is superior and it will end with Muhammad being swept or rewrestled to his back. The path to victory for Muhammad is solely in finding a way to keep the fight a stand up battle and edging a narrow decision. 

✅ Sean Brady is one of the top prospects turned contender in the promotion in any of weight class. He remains a physical specimen at the weight class, as his strength is truly unmatched. It is at a level that in his most recent fight, Michael Chiesa audibly said something to the effect of “you ARE that strong.” He is a very strong wrestler and a truly high end BJJ black belt. He has had a decent amount of success as a striker, but that is certainly not the strength of his game. He is something of an animal when it comes to the wrestling and turning it to grappling. Facing an opponent that does not have real power in the striking, he enters a very good spot in this matchup. We will see the other side of the coin for Muhammad in this matchup. 

✅ For all the advantages Brady has in this fight, the betting line is not properly reflective. Muhammad has been successful when wrestling and grappling are his paths to victory. This matchup is the complete opposite of that, and is really a stylistic nightmare for Muhammad. The -140 price tag on Brady is quite easily the most attractive of any favorite on the card. 

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