Ivey scores game-winning shot for Boilermakers against Buckeyes, 81-78

Last updated February 1, 2022

Guard Jaden Ivey scored a three-pointer game-winning shot after a tight score-catching between the two teams ensuring victory for Purdue Boilermakers against Ohio State Buckeyes with 81-78 on Sunday, Jan. 30.

The victory brought the Boilermakers on fourth in the Big Ten Basketball standings just right on top of the Buckeyes. This also means that the Boilermakers is getting closer to third on the standings which are currently held by the Michigan State Spartans. 

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Ivey made his record-high game score with 21 points, two assists, and three rebounds in the game against the Buckeyes. Ivey managed to secure victory for the Boilermakers through his three-pointer with just 0.6 seconds left on the time board not long after forward EJ Liddell had made his consecutive three-pointers in the last 35 seconds putting the Buckeyes on the same playing field with the Boilermakers.

Epic showdown

The game is an epic showdown between the two teams. The Boilermakers managed to secure the first game 39-30, while the Buckeyes secured the second 48-42. The last game goes to Boilermakers but not without a fight.

The Buckeyes' offense was led by Liddell and guard Malaki Branham. Liddell came with 20 points, three assists, and three rebounds – while Branham secured 20 points, one assist, and seven rebounds.

The Buckeyes’ successful efforts in closing the margin with 76-72 through Liddell’s jump shot right after Branham had scored nine points. Liddell then made it to 78-78 after Branham managed a steal. Ivey returned the favor with his offensive play just seconds before the game ended and triumphed over the Buckeye–putting an end to their three winning streaks.

Ivey’s game-winning shot is his own way of fixing things he messed up for himself during the game. Ivey had missed one game after a hip flexor injury and has been coming on/off the bench for the second straight. Later he redeemed himself by coming out as the top scorer of the match. Seems like he still has his pace, considering that Ivey has made it through the season as the team’s top scorer.

“With seconds left, I just went to the ball and got my hands on the ball,” Ivey said. “It was supposed to be for Zach, but I just got confused, honestly. Sometimes you’ve just got to make a play.”

However, it seems like the Boilermakers would not need much of Ivey’s top performance as center Zach Edey had scored one point behind Ivey, with 20 points, zero assists, and three rebounds–and the Buckeyes had put up quite a fight. The two had an epic showdown in their own proportion nonetheless.

The victory was a tough battle for the Boilermakers against a resilient performance of the Buckeyes. The Boilermakers only made 29 out of 60 shots with 48.3% field goals–while the Buckeyes had it close with 29 out of 63 shots or 46.0% field goals. The Buckeyes had a slightly higher three-pointers count with 9 out of 29 with 31.0% against 8 out of 17 or 47.1%.

Turnovers rate is higher for the Boilermakers, with the Buckeyes only having 6-10. Offensive gameplay-wise, the Boilermakers had it on top with 15-12 and a total rebounds of 38-32.

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