Dennis Allen does 'great job' in maintaining Saints strength, says Mark Ingram

Last updated June 19, 2022 | Published June 19, 2022


After Sean Payton left his position as coach of the New Orleans Saints in 2006, most of his team members have remained the same and put in strong performances. According to Mark Ingram, Dennis Allen, the Saints' new head coach, contributes to their consistent strength.

Ingram's opinion on Allen

Through an official website for the Saints, Ingram recently discussed the condition of the team after Payton's departure and Allen's role in it.

While the Saints' all-time fastest player didn't have the opportunity to work directly with Allen in his nine seasons at the Saints, he has the judgment to consider. "I think it's huge, keeping the DNA the same," Ingram said.

Ingram realized that his team had to improve their game performance and also continued to strive to do their best as a team. On the other hand, the presence of Allen as a new coach with the same roster is certainly a challenge. Both of these things can be done by Allen although maintaining the DNA of the team and overcoming the same team culture is quite difficult.

"Obviously Allen is different to Sean, but Allen has done a great job just trying to make things as normal as possible and spice things up with a little bit of new flavor from him," he said.

Allen explained that the defensive position must be more familiar with Allen as they spend more time together in defensive encounters.

"We see him sometimes when he has to fill in training, and I really like him."

Ingram also notes that Allen has done some great work with the team.

Allen always encourages the players to get the job done, be more efficient and effective, improve performance, and also establish a sense of urgency in every training process. "He did a great job," concluded Ingram.

Consistent success under Payton

During his tenure, Payton was able to build his regular-season record of 152-89 and posted nine 10-plus winning seasons that all resulted in playoff appearances. Under his leadership, the Saints are also unbeaten with seven wins and seven NFC Southern titles over 15 seasons.

In fact, the coach who has led the Saints to many of these victories earned the franchise's single Super Bowl title in 2009. Therefore, this will make him a well-known sporting figure in New Orleans forever.

Allen's challenge as Payton's replacement

Despite the fact that Allen has worked under Payton for the past 12 seasons, staying in Payton's position is not simple. Allen formerly served as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, where he had an 8-22 record before being fired in the middle of the season.

Allen has spent the last seven seasons as a member of the Saints' defensive line, where he has witnessed one of the most consistent units in the NFL. The Saint's defense is projected to be the team's most valuable asset this season. This is a key aspect of the organization's promotion strategy for Allen.

Allen knew that replicating the offensive performance of the Python period would be his most difficult task. However, he saw that he had won the respect of key veterans on the team, and he knew he had to work hard to lead the saints into this new era.

"We have a lot of work to do for now and the start of the season," he said. Allen also explained that he felt more comfortable with the cast, the environment, and the organization because it was able to provide him with various experiences.

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