Batgarel Danaa vs Kyung Ho Kang Pick & Promo

Last updated June 9, 2022 | Published June 9, 2022

11:00 PM ET Jun 11
Batgarel Danaa vs Kyung Ho Kang

Batgarel Danaa is a -150 favorite against Kyung Ho Kang. Their bantamweight fight takes place at UFC 275 on Saturday June 11th, 2022. These fighters will make the walk between 715 and 730PM EST. 

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Batgarel Danaa -150 vs Kyung Ho Kang Pick

✅ Batgarel Danaa returns and is coming off a loss for the first time since his 2019 UFC debut.He is a striker with power that followed up that loss with three consecutive first round KO wins. We had a bet on him in his most recent fight against Chris Gutierrez. Batgarel was winning that fight handily, until he did not see a spinning backfist coming that was a KO shot. While that loss stung, it gives us a bounce back opportunity on the same fighter. Danaa will have a significant striking advantage in this matchup, and draws an opponent that does not offer a power element in the striking. 

✅ Kyung Ho Kang is  hasa better grappling game than he does striking. Kang has just two knockouts to his credit in 27 pro fights. It has been at least 12 years since his most recent KO win. He has also lost nine times and not a fighter that always figures out how to win. The lack of a power element in his stand up will be a problem for him getting his grappling game going. Danaa will be able to strike without worry of eating a big shot once again. Danaa’s likely focus on defensive wrestling will be a problem for Kang. Additionally Kang is not relentless as a wrestler. He simply will not have the amount of takedown attempts nor takedowns completed to give himself an advantage in this matchup. 

✅ This fight will play out predominantly in the stand up, and that is a large edge for Danaa. Kang would have an edge on the floor, but Danaa is competent enough to be able to return to his feet if taken down. Kang has been able to take advantage of lesser fighters and grapplers in the past, but will fail every time there is even a small step up in competition. Look for Danaa to own the standup, and potentially find a KO. The -150 price tag on the flat line is quite a favorable one. 

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