What is the SGPX At DraftKings & How To Get a Free SGPx

Last updated November 6, 2023

Same Game Parlays have become extremely popular among sports bettors. At DraftKings Sportsbook, another type of Same Game Parlay option has become an option in the form of the SGPx. Here, we look at what the SGPx consists of and how bettors can get a free SGPx to try this feature for themselves.

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What is the SGPx At DraftKings

The SGPx is a new type of Same Game Parlay feature, where bettors can combine multiple Same Game Parlays from different games into one giant parlay ticket. Short for Same Game Parlay X, this type of parlay requires bettors to select at least four legs for each ticket, a minimum of two for each game they include. With at least four legs involved in each ticket, the potential for large payouts on small wagers is certainly part of the appeal of these bets.

To place a SGPx wager at DraftKings, bettors can click on each game that they are interested in wagering on, and hit the Same Game Parlay button. From there, they can assemble the Same Game Parlays for each game they wish to include in their SGPx. Any betslip with multiple Same Game Parlays included in it will automatically combine those SGPs into an SGPx, where bettors can see their SGPx odds and decide how much they wish to risk on those bets.

How to Get a Free SGPx at DraftKings

To get a free SGPx at DraftKings, bettors can go to the promotions section of DraftKings Sportsbook. When no sweat SGPx wagers are being offered, bettors can click the opt-in button on that promotion before placing their next SGPx bet. If that bet wins, bettors will receive their winnings and can move on from there. If that SGPx loses, bettors will be reimbursed with a bonus bet up to the amount specified in that promotion.

Overall, the SGPx wager is tough to win, as bettors need to hit multiple Same Game Parlay wagers within the same ticket. Winning one Same Game Parlay is tough enough to do on its own, before adding more of them into the fold. But with this promotion from DraftKings, bettors can at least try this feature out with peace of mind, knowing that a loss will be reimbursed when this offer is active.

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