Tyreek Hill comments on Dolphins new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

Last updated June 12, 2022 | Published June 12, 2022

Tyreek Hill, a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, recently made an interesting statement about his teammate. Hill compares Tua Tagovailoa to Patrick Mahomes in a statement published during a podcast broadcast.

Over the past few years, Hill has always received feedback from Mahomes. In the following season, he must try to build a strong connection with Tagovailoa.

While Mahomes has had more successful careers than Tagovailoa, Hill is confident that his faith in his new baiting partner will not disappoint.

Hill's statement

Through a podcast called ‘Need to Be Said’ uploaded by Hill, he answered questions about his experience playing with the new quarterback Tagovailoa. He claims Tagovailoa has powerful arms and a high level of precision while tossing the ball.

“When it comes to accuracy, I prefer Tagovailoa which has a better accuracy rate,” he said.

Hill emphasized that so far many people on social media, especially Twitter, have given bad comments to Tagovailoa. However, according to Hill, he really did not understand the skills possessed by his teammates.

Next, the question turns to who is the strongest between Tagovailoa or Patrick Mahomes who is a former quarterback player of his team. Out loud, Hill replied that he chose Tagovailoa. "Obviously, I'll use one five as the strongest arm. But as far as accuracy goes, I'll be using Tagovailoa all day long," he said.

Hill explained that he prefers an accurate quarterback over a quarterback who only has arm strength. This is because these criteria are in accordance with the goal in the game, "I want the ball to be on target so that this effort and game can give maximum results."

Tagovailoa draws criticism

To date, Tagovailoa has been the target of all kinds of criticism throughout his career. The former Crimson Tide quarterback is considered not to have good strength in his arms so he is considered incompetent as a quarterback.

Recently, Tagovailoa asked his coach as well as his wide receiver to keep reminding him to strengthen his arm. Some of these people told him he was a talented player and had good reasons why he was the first-round pick.

Tagovailoa’s strength

Due to a hip injury, Tagovaiola's junior season was short and was subsequently selected by the Dolphins in the 2020 NFL Draft. He started his career as a substitute and then became the Dolphins' main starter in 2021.

Throughout his career with the Dolphins, Tagovaiola has demonstrated his potential as a quarterback. He was able to propel the Dolphins to multiple wins in as many games and he even had 21 first-half finishes against the New York Giants.

The record that he was able to create throughout his career was 32 games, with 69.3 percent passes completed, and 7,442 yards.

Tagovailoa is a player who is fast, compact, and has maximum footwork dexterity. His mobility in every game always brings positive results whether to avoid pressure or create games.

Although his arm strength is not as good as Mahomes, he is able to push the ball 45 yards down the field and does so on numerous occasions.

About Mahomes the ex-quarterback

Mahomes is known for his arm rocket as well as his sensational game-solving abilities. He has also been established as a legendary quarterback in his first 4 years in the NFL.

In those days, Mahomes has been able to break several records. One of them is Super Bowl MVP 2020.

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