Nebraska football coach Scott Frost receives $10,000 fines for coaching violations

Last updated May 3, 2022 | Published May 3, 2022

The NCAA announced on Monday that Nebraska football coach Scott Frost and the program violated rules regarding using a special teams analyst. According to the NCAA, the analyst provided in-game coaching advice and technical assistance to the players.

The NCAA noted that Frost's use of the analyst, who was not a staff member, exceeded the number of coaches that the program was allowed to have.

"Because he was a noncoaching staff member, his instruction of student-athletes caused the program to exceed the number of permissible coaches in violation of NCAA rules," NCAA's release said.

Despite addressing the concerns raised by the analyst, Frost did not monitor the activities of the individual and informed the compliance staff about potential violations, the NCAA said. As a result, he violated his responsibility as a head coach.

NCAA sanctions

Frost was fined $10,000 and ordered to serve a one-year show-cause penalty. He was also suspended from participating in all football activities for the 2022 season. The program was also placed on probation through April 2023.

The NCAA also imposed other penalties on the program, including a two-day suspension of an on-field coach for the upcoming spring season. The organization also prohibited the program from having noncoaching staff members on the field for five straight days during the regular season.

Level II violations were referred to the NCAA's negotiated resolution process, used when the organization believes that a violation occurred.

The investigation was resolved through the NCAA's negotiated resolution process, praised by Nebraska's athletic director, Trev Alberts.

"I am appreciative of the diligent efforts of our University of Nebraska staff in working to bring this matter to a close,” Alberts said. We have had outstanding collaboration with the NCAA, and I want to thank the NCAA staff for their time and professionalism throughout this process.”

The athletic department and the football program are focused on moving on from this issue and preparing for the upcoming season. Alberts also noted that he is confident that the negotiated resolution provided the program's necessary framework and operations.

"It is important for the Nebraska athletic department and football program to put this matter behind us and turn our full attention to the upcoming season," Nebraska's AD continued. "We are pleased with the outcome and believe the negotiated resolution is fair and At Nebraska, we are committed to running an athletic department that is fully compliant with all NCAA rules."

Crucial fifth year

After leading UCF to a slump in his first two seasons as a head coach, Frost was widely expected to transform the program at Nebraska. However, his efforts have not resulted in the desired results.

Frost has a 15-27 record as the head coach of the Nebraska football program. In 2021, the team went 3-9 and lost its last eight Big Ten games. During his time at Nebraska, the team was 5-20 in one-possession games.

The team's scoring margin during conference play last season was zero. The team's only win was against Northwestern, which was a 56-7 blowout. Its eight Big Ten losses were by a combined 49 points.

School officials decided to retain Frost for the 2022 season despite the team's inconsistent performance under a reduced buyout.

After firing several offensive staff members, Frost hired Mark Whipple from Pittsburgh to be the team's offensive coordinator. He also brought in Casey Thompson, a Texas transfer, as the team's new offensive staff.

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