NCAA policy changes in college football impact Wisconsin Badgers

Last updated May 22, 2022

The NCAA's Division I Council, a prominent governing body in college football, has lifted two long-standing restrictions. According to sources, in the next few years, these regulations will have a significant impact on college football.

Here are two new policy adjustments and their impact on the Wisconsin Badgers.

Removal of the 25 player signing class limit impacts the Badgers

The first change involving the signing of this player is the most substantial of the policies. Previously, this aspect of player recruitment had undergone a significant change with the evolution of the NIL and the transfer portal policy.

The rules that restricted teams from signing up to 25 players in one class were removed by the NCAA. The twenty-five players are a combination of high school and transfer prospects. On the other hand, as many as 85 players will still receive scholarships.

The adjustment to the 25-player signing policy allows teams and coaches to have more flexibility in forming the roster. Shane Lyons as Chairman of the Division I Board responded, "This temporary change gives schools more flexibility as well as increases opportunities for student-athletes who enter the team to receive assistance."

According to him, some schools have not been able to provide all the scholarships and are still hampered by the existence of an annual limit for signing players.

This policy will come into effect in the next two hiring cycles. This relates to the team working to manage COVID-19 relief as well as greater volatility in the transfer portal.

The rule shift has benefited the Badgers. Currently, the Badgers have 18 scholarship seniors on their roster. In this regard, Badgers can also sign 18 to 25 players from high school rankings or transfer portals. This applies to taking into account the reduction of the roster to the normal number.

A source says that the total of signings that will be made by Badgers could approach the minimum number of 20 or even exceed 25 players. This will happen when there are multiple departures on the transfer portal.

So far, Wisconsin has always relied on the development of players early in their careers. So Paul Chryst, who is the head coach for the Badgers, rarely has to worry about signing more than 25 players.

Unfortunately, this time the nature of the transfer portal continues to change, which makes it difficult to predict conditions in the following seasons. In addition, this policy change will later provide an opportunity for other teams to sign more than 25 players, and this will have a trickle-down effect on teams like the Badgers.

FBS conference with complete control of the match impacts the Badgers

Today, conferences have complete control over the structure of matches allowing flexibility in their scheduling. Under previous rules, conferences involving 12 teams must have divisions. Next, the winners from each division must compete against each other.

With this policy abolished, conferences can explore divisional changes and allow the top two teams to become conference champions. The two teams with the best conference win percentages will fight for the title next season for the Pac-12. This will have a direct impact on the Badgers.

So far, the Badgers have found success in the Big Ten West. The team was able to win the 4th division in the last 8 seasons. However, the Badgers have never won a conference title.

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