Nationals, Juan Soto agree to $425 million, 13-year contract deal

Last updated July 1, 2022

Juan Soto highlighted the lack of competitiveness in the Washington Nationals' lineup this season. There have been various rumors about the future of the team's young slugger. On the other hand, extension and trade rumors have also been circulating about the player.

According to Hector Gomez, the Nationals are talking with the team about Soto's potential 13-year contract extension. It would reportedly be worth around $425 million. This would increase from the initial offer of around $355 million.

If the reports are true, it would be the second-largest contract in MLB history. It would be just behind the deal given to Mike Trout by the Los Angeles Angels.

Trout, widely expected to be the best player in the world of professional baseball, received relatively little backlash for his contract. The increasing number of longer contracts and the desire of players to have long-term contracts are the main factors that have led to the rise of sports economics.

It's widely believed that Soto will sign a contract similar to that of Trout when he's 24 years old in 2023. By the time he reaches the end of his contract, he'll be 36 years old, making him a much more comfortable figure to still pay around $30 million annually. This is a huge deal for a player who relies less on his explosive power and his pure offensive approach.

Rising star Juan Soto

One of the main reasons why the Nationals are talking about a long-term contract with Juan Soto is that his ability is still rising. Despite his struggles this season, he is still still still considered one of the best offensive players in the league. He has had a .290 batting average, 34 home runs, and 103 RBIs throughout his career.

The lack of support from the rest of the team's lineup has been one of the main factors that have affected Soto's offensive performance this season. If the Nationals can start playing better in 2019, expect more consistent production from the talented young player.

The high price tag for a talented young player like Soto is reportedly due to his potential. However, if the Nationals can secure him a long-term contract, it will prove to be very beneficial for the organization. Having him as their face for another 13 years would be similar to how the Angels have with Trout.

On the field, Trout and Soto are similar in that they both have the same level of confidence in their abilities. However, since they both have different approaches to the game, they never seem to bring much attention to themselves.

Having a dynamic and outspoken face like Trout or Soto as the team's spokesperson is a much better alternative to worrying about what the other players will say. This is something that the young phenom seems to be taking very well.

Talks surrounding long-term contracts

One of the most interesting factors about the current negotiations regarding the contract Soto is that he doesn't become a free agent after the 2022 season. Due to the new timeline for players, the talks about a long-term contract for the 22-year-old are reportedly intensifying.

If he signs a long-term contract with the Nationals, it will likely double his current salary of $17.1 million. However, if he decides to take his arbitration rate before becoming a free agent, he could earn even more money by maintaining his current production.

When negotiating a long-term contract, buying out arbitration is typically a team-friendly deal. This is because the teams have more leverage and can negotiate a better deal for their players.

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