Las Vegas PD investigate fan who allegedly slapped Cardinals' Kyler Murray

Last updated September 21, 2022

Las Vegas authorities are currently investigating a fan who slapped Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray in the face in Sunday’s game win over the hosting Las Vegas Raiders.

In a video circulating online, it can be seen that Murray approached fans sitting in the front row of one of the end zones for high fives. It seemed that Murray wanted to celebrate the Cardinals’ fumble return.

The man who slapped Murray in the face reportedly was a Raiders fan. Murray was not dismissive of the hit and quickly turned his back to confront the man among the crowds. However, teammates were quick to de-escalate the situation by separating Murray from the crowd.

The motive of the fan remains unclear since chaos quickly ensued in the endzone as fans were trying to get a closer look and pat Murray.

After the game, Sin City police are reportedly looking into the case and a battery complaint was later confirmed by officer Larry Hadfield, a spokesperson for the LV police.

While Hadfield did not mention specifically Murray as the reporting person or whether the complaint was about the QB, the allegation suggests that the complaint hinted otherwise, it reads: “A spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.”

Hadfield added that the investigation is currently still in progress and the suspect has yet to be identified.

Strong start for Cardinals

The Cardinals kicked off the season with a strong performance early on. Murray made 31 out of 49 pass attempts for 277 yards along with a single touchdown and interception. Murray spearheaded the team’s offense and charge the hosting team far into the overtime.

"He's a special talent. You can see when he's able to do his thing, that's what he does, and he had some tremendous plays, and the numbers may not be great, [but] we don't care about numbers,” Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury praised Murray.

The Cardinals also had an impressive fumble return, which was made by cornerback Byron Murphy Jr. after teammate linebacker Isaiah Simmons knocked the ball off from Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow.

Murphy returned the fumble for 59 yards to wrap the matchup with a winning touchdown.

"Everything was a blur. I just saw the end zone. 'I gotta get to the end zone to end this game,' that's the first thing I was thinking the whole time,” Murphy said.

However, it took a bit of time for game officials to receive Murphy’s delivery. After minutes of review, it was ruled out that the touchdown was through and Murphy and co. were given their first win 29-23 following a blowout defeat in Week 1 to the Kansas City Chiefs 44-21. Murphy was left in shock, questioning whether the decision was legit at first.

"But now that I've seen that, I'm taking that ball all the way to the house, to the crib, back to Arizona," he added.

For Kingsbury, the win in Sin City was special for him, saying that was a “good changeup” ahead of their next matchup against the reigning Super Bowl champ, the Los Angeles Rams.

"I was telling those coaches, usually I've just lost and I'm super hungover on Sundays in Vegas, so this is a good changeup," Kingsbury said.

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