Katlyn Chookagian vs Amanda Ribas Pick & Promo

Last updated May 12, 2022

12:00 AM ET May 15
Katlyn Chookagian vs Amanda Ribas

Katlyn Chookagian is a -175 favorite against Amanda Ribas. Their flyweight fight takes place at UFC Vegas 54 on Saturday May 14th, 2022. These fighters will make the walk between 1015 and 1030PM EST. 

✅ Amanda Ribas returns after seven months off to what I believe is her best division, the flyweight division. She has won five of her six UFC fights, but it has become apparent she is cutting too much weight to get to 115. She has expressed desire to fight at both strawweight and flyweight, but I tend to like her more at flyweight. The durability was really becoming a concern at 115. Ribas is not a helpless fighter in the stand up by any means. She will have more power and durability at 125, but her bread and butter is her BJJ. Anyone questioning the BJJ credential of Ribas had very little to say after she took down Mackenzie Dern and beat her on the floor. Ribas knows what she can do on the floor and has had at least one takedown in all six of her UFC fights. Katlyn Chookagian has defended just 55% of takedowns across 14 UFC fights, so it is not as if she is defending a high amount of takedowns and the sample size is large. It would truly be a shock if Ribas did not get the fight to her world at some point. 

✅ Chookagian will come in and do what she always does. Attempt to use length and strike at range and hope the judges see her as the better fighter. She has certainly been gifted questionable decisions in the past, and that is a recipe I loathe, particularly for a favored fighter. Chookagian will need to keep that range, much like she did in the fight with Cynthia Calvillo. That should be the game plan, but this fight is quite different. Ribas is a better and much more powerful striker than Calvillo. I believe she will be able to earn some respect early on in the striking, but also that she will be able to close the distance. Chookagian is a fighter that can be controlled on the mat and I expect Ribas to do just that, if not finding a submission against the good but far from elite grappling of Chookagian. 

✅ The warranted hype of Ribas died down after the KO loss to Marina Rodriguez. That should work in our favor as Ribas reminds the world how good she is and comes at a nice +155 figure. 


TJ Calkins
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