Grizzlies Win 114-106 Over Timberwolves In Game 6

Last updated April 30, 2022

For the first time in seven years, the Memphis Grizzlies finally made it to the playoffs after gaining wins over the Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 6. The Grizzlies will face the Golden State Warriors on Sunday in Game 1.

Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves with a final score of 114-106. The team was facing a rough start with a two-digit deficit in the first three quarters. However, the Grizzlies were able to turn the tables and win the game eventually.

The Grizzlies started the fourth quarter by scoring six points to close the gap of 84-74 on the scoreboard. Despite the rough start, the squads managed to stick together and find a way out.

The team really came together as one and showed great work. Shooting guard Desmond Bane and small forward Dillan Brooks made a duo and scored 3-pointers in the fourth quarter. Brooks managed to catch up and even the score at 97. The scoring series was followed by Bane, and the Grizzlies led by 101-99. Bane went 27 for 56 on 3-pointers, which was the most that the team could make in the history of a single postseason.

Point guard Tyus Jones also tried to score two 3-pointers from the wing but failed. However, the Grizzlies rebounded both of them, and Ja Morant scored a layup with the second one. Morant’s rebound then led the team to a four-point lead.

Bane and Brooks led the team by scoring 23 and 22 points, respectively. Brandon Clarke also added another 17 points and 11 rebounds for the Grizzlies, along with Morant, who scored 17 points and 11 assists.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The first three quarters were on the Timberwolves’ side, as Anthony Edwards scored 16 in the first quarter. Jaden McDaniels also scored 24 points, and centre Karl-Anthony Towns added another 18 points and 10 rebounds for the Timberwolves.

It was like a rollercoaster ride for the Timberwolves. McDaniels was able to make a dunk over Jaren Jackson Jr. and contributed some points for the team. But the Grizzlies had enough of the first three quarters and showed their resilience.

Shortly after that, the Timberwolves kept making some bad shots, allowing the Grizzlies to take some advantage of rebounding.

Despite the loss that eliminated the Timberwolves, Patrick Beverley was the most important player for Minnesota that is worth noting. Because of his 3-pointer from the corner, the Timberwolves were able to snatch a 69-56 lead. Beverley is also the NBA's Most Improved Player, and it’s no wonder that his role was one of the most vital on the team.

Regarding their loss, the team remained positive and took the experience as a learning opportunity for a better future. The Timberwolves have young players such as Towns and Anthony Edwards too.

Coach Chris Finch admitted that the game was a great learning experience for the team. "That's what's great about these things: you get exposed for what you're not, what you can't do, or what you need to do better," he said.

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