Game highlights during Pirates victory over Diamondbacks

Last updated June 5, 2022

The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks in the final contest of a three-game series by a score of 2-1. This match featured the maximum efforts of the players from each team to be able to get a superior score and come out as champion.

How Jack Suwinski, Bryan Reynolds played vital roles in Pirates' victory

Suwinski and Reynold had an important role in the match where the Pirates beat the Diamondbacks. Reynolds leads in 9th place with one goal against Mark Melancon. At that time, Melancon tried to get into the ninth to close the game, but he gave Reynolds the opening single to produce a home run.

Meanwhile, Suwinski was able to hit homers twice at the bottom of the 9th inning. This homer effort made by Suwinski was able to block Zach Davies' game for more than 7 goalless rounds.

This makes the Pirates rise to outperform the Diamondbacks. Not only that, but Suwinski also released a flyball into the right-hand side of the tribune to close his first game.

According to Suwinski, his home run was an amazing experience, “it was amazing, a cool experience.” This is also Suwinski's first achievement as an NL rookie.

Regarding Suwinski and Reynold's achievement in the Pirates' victory, the manager Derek Shelton gave a satisfying response. He said, “We've agreed that there will be a lot of positive things happening with the young players. We will continue to channel young players because today, we saw two rookies do something very special.”

Diamondbacks' roster effort during game

Zach Davies struck out seven Pirates in seven innings, tying his season-high for most innings pitched. On the other hand, Melancon also made two rounds of late home runs at the bottom of the 9th standings.

Apart from Davies and Melancon, Chris Stratton is also looking to make it his 9th goalless streak in his 200th career appearance. Other than that, Ketel Marte also hit two doubles and scored the lone run for his club in the sixth inning on a wild pitch, extending his hitting streak to a career-high 16 games.

All of these efforts still have not been able to push the Diamondbacks to achieve victory over the Pirates.

According to Torey Lovullo as coach of the Diamondbacks, Davies was in complete control of the game and changed the pace. “This is a fantastic performance that the squad desperately needs. Even so, this is still not enough to cover the points behind," Lovullo said.

In addition to the coach, Suwinski also gave comments regarding Davies' game in the match. He claimed that Davies delivered an unbalanced shot but did a good job of combining point, pace, and location.

In response to his team's loss, Davies stated that his goal is to immerse himself in the world of baseball, to immerse himself in the game, and give his team a chance. Davies often tries to get the opponent to enter the ball by putting them on a defensive count.

He asserted, "That's the great thing about baseball, you know you can win or lose the game."

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