DraftKings Dynasty Rewards

October 24, 2023

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Program offers customers the opportunity to earn exciting prizes and exclusive perks for their dedicated play. In this article, you will learn how the Dynasty Rewards Program operates, explore rewards accessible to users, and how to maximize the benefits.

What is DraftKings Dynasty Rewards?

The Dynasty Rewards Program is the loyalty program offered by DraftKings Sportsbook and Casino. Upon signing up and creating an account on DraftKings, customers are automatically enrolled in the Dynasty Rewards Program.

Through this feature, customers earn reward points while engaging in activities such as placing sports wagers, participating in online casino games, entering daily fantasy sports contests, or acquiring NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on DraftKings.

How to Join the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to join the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program:

1 Create a DraftKings Account:

Sign up at DraftKings using any link on this page. Create an account by filling out the required information.

2 Automatically enrolled:

You are automatically enrolled in the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Program when you have signed up for an account. 

3 Start Earning Points and Tier Credits:

Engage in various activities on the DraftKings platform, such as participating in contests, placing wagers, or playing games. Accumulate points and Tier Credits as you actively participate in different aspects of the DraftKings platform.

4 Track Your Progress:

Monitor your points and Tier Credits accumulation through the designated sections within the DraftKings website or mobile app.

5 Redeem Your Rewards:

Once you've accumulated enough points or Tier Credits, visit the Dynasty Rewards Store within the DraftKings platform. Browse the available prizes and merchandise and select the rewards you wish to redeem based on your earned points or Tier Credits.

6 Enjoy the Benefits:

Take advantage of the rewards and benefits you've earned through active participation in the Dynasty Rewards program. Explore the exclusive features offered to members based on their tier status and accumulated points.

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Understanding the DraftKings Rewards Program

The DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Program enables customers to accumulate two distinct forms of reward points: Crowns and Tier Credits.

DraftKings Crowns: These represent the virtual currency within the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Store, allowing redemption for bonus bets, special contest entries, merchandise, and a variety of other prizes.

DraftKings Tier Credits: Utilized for establishing a customer's Tier Status, Tier Credits facilitate advancement into higher tiers, unlocking a host of exceptional rewards and additional benefits.

Displayed in the chart below are the Crown quantities necessary for attaining Tier Credits within the Dynasty Rewards:

TierAccumulated Crowns
Bronze0 up to 24,999
Silver25,000 to 124,999
Gold125,000 to 499,999
Diamond500,000 to 999,999
Onyx1,000,000 or more

How to earn DraftKings Crowns and Tier Credits

Crowns and Tier Credits are earned through active participation as a DraftKings member. Here's how users can earn them:

  • Participating in Contests: Users can earn Crowns by entering and participating in different contests available on the DraftKings website or app. The number of Crowns earned may vary based on the entry fee, contest type, and user performance.
  • Frequency of Participation: DraftKings rewards users for consistent participation. The more frequently users participate in contests, the more Crowns they earn.
  • Performance-Based Rewards: Users can also earn bonus Crowns based on their performance in certain contests or achievement of specific milestones offered by DraftKings.
  • Promotions and Special Events: DraftKings occasionally offer promotions and special events where users can earn bonus Crowns by meeting certain criteria or participating in specific activities outlined by the platform.

While Tier Credits are earned annually and reset on January 1 each year, Crowns do not have an expiration date and remain credited to users' accounts until they are utilized in the Dynasty Rewards Store.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Store

At the Dynasty Rewards Store users can redeem their accumulated points or rewards for prizes and merchandise. Here's an overview of the selection of prizes that are offered:

  • Sports Memorabilia: Signed jerseys, equipment, and collectibles from popular athletes and teams.
  • Electronic Gadgets: Latest tech gadgets, gaming consoles, and accessories for tech-savvy users.
  • Travel and Experiences: Vouchers for travel packages, hotel stays, and exclusive experiences or events.
  • Gift Cards and Vouchers: Options for redeeming points for gift cards from various popular retailers and brands.
  • Exclusive DraftKings Merchandise: Branded merchandise, apparel, and accessories for loyal DraftKings members.
  • VIP Experiences: Access to exclusive sporting events, meet-and-greet opportunities, and special VIP experiences.

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What is the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program?

The DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program is a loyalty program designed to reward active users on the DraftKings platform with points and tier credits, which can be redeemed for various prizes and benefits.

How do I join the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program?

To join the program, you can create a DraftKings account and then enroll in the Dynasty Rewards program through the designated section on the DraftKings website or mobile app.

What are DraftKings Crowns and Tier Credits?

DraftKings Crowns are a virtual currency used within the program for redeeming prizes and rewards, while Tier Credits determine a user's tier status, unlocking additional benefits and rewards based on the tier level.

How can I earn DraftKings Crowns and Tier Credits?

Users can earn Crowns and Tier Credits by participating in various activities on the DraftKings platform, including entering contests, placing wagers, and engaging in promotions and special events.

What can I redeem with my DraftKings Crowns and Tier Credits?

Users can redeem their Crowns and Tier Credits for a range of prizes and rewards, including bonus bets, special contest entries, merchandise, gift cards, and exclusive experiences available in the Dynasty Rewards Store.

Are there any restrictions on earning Crowns and Tier Credits?

Certain activities may not be eligible for earning Crowns and Tier Credits, such as specific wager types or bets placed on ineligible events or games. These restrictions are outlined in the program's terms and conditions.

How can I track my progress within the Dynasty Rewards program?

Users can track their points, Tier Credits, and overall program progress through their account dashboard on the DraftKings website or mobile app.

Are there different tiers within the Dynasty Rewards program?

Yes, the program may have different tiers that users can progress through based on their level of engagement and accumulated points or Tier Credits. Higher tiers often offer enhanced rewards and benefits.

Can I transfer my DraftKings Crowns or Tier Credits to another user?

Generally, DraftKings Crowns and Tier Credits are non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder who earned them.

Where can I find more information about the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards program?

Additional information about the program, including its rules, terms, and specific rewards, can be found in the Dynasty Rewards section on the DraftKings website.

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