Caesars Rewards Program | How to Earn Caesars Reward Credits

April 12, 2023

Caesars is one of the biggest names in the world of gambling and entertainment, as they have land-based casinos, hotels, and dining experiences around the world, along with their popular Caesars Sportsbook. With the Caesars Rewards program, customers can earn reward credits and tier credits for enjoying all of those experiences, which can turn into massive perks. 

Here, we look at the Caesars Rewards loyalty program and what customers need to know when utilizing it.

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What is Caesars Rewards?

Caesars Rewards is the loyalty program for Caesars Entertainment, which allows customers to earn reward credits and tier credits for placing wagers at Caesars Sportsbook and Caesars Casino, and paying for things like meals and hotel stays at any Caesars Rewards destination. To take advantage of this program, customers can sign up for a Caesars Rewards account, and earn reward credits and tier credits with their purchases after registration.

How to Join Caesars Rewards Program

Signing up for Caesars Rewards is incredibly straightforward, as customers are just a few short steps away from becoming Caesars Rewards members. First, they must go somewhere that offers the ability to sign up for Caesars Rewards. This can either be the Caesars Sportsbook app, the Caesars Rewards mobile app, or a Caesars Rewards resort.

From there, customers can either click to register for Caesars Rewards, or ask someone at the land-based facility they went to request enrollment. They can then provide the information requested to join the Caesars Rewards loyalty program. Then it is up to customers to start earning their reward credits and tier credits.

Caesars Rewards Tiers

There are six Caesars Rewards tiers that Caesars Entertainment customers can reach based on how many tier credits they have added to their account balances over the last year. The more tier credits earned, the higher the tier status that can be reached. Here is a look at the different Caesars Rewards tiers that can be reached.


Gold status is the default Caesars Rewards tier, for customers that have earned anywhere from 0-4,999 tier credits over a 12-month period. This tier does not offer a ton in the way of benefits, though players can get free or discounted hotel stays and convert reward credits into free play with this loyalty program tier.


The platinum tier is the first step up when Caesars Rewards members boost their tier status from gold. To get there, players must earn anywhere from 5,000 to 14,999 tier credits. This tier offers all of the perks of gold status, along with the ability to park free at several Caesars Rewards destinations, a complimentary stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas, and the ability to gift up to 5,000 reward credits to another user.


At 15,000 to 24,999 tier credits, customers will see their Caesars Rewards tier status elevated to diamond. At the diamond tier, customers receive all of the benefits of the first two tier levels, along with some additional perks. Those perks include the waiving of resort fees at Caesars Rewards hotels, a discount on room rates, and VIP lines when checking in for hotel stays, at the Caesars Rewards Center, and even at casino cages.

Diamond Plus

The diamond plus tier status is reserved for Caesars Rewards customers that have really ramped up their Caesars Rewards tier credit balance. This tier is reserved for those who have earned 25,000 to 74,999 tier credits over the last year. This level includes all of the benefits of the previously mentioned tiers, along with complimentary access to the VIP Laurel Lounge, where customers can get exclusive food and drink options that are not available to non-members.

Diamond Elite

At 75,000 tier credits or more, Caesars Rewards customers will be boosted up to the diamond elite tier status. With this tier, customers get all of the benefits of the aforementioned four tiers. They are also able to receive airfare credit to get to Las Vegas, the home of the marquee Caesars Palace location.

Seven Stars

The top Caesars Rewards tier is the Seven Stars membership tier, which is available by invitation only at 150,000 tier credits or more. This is the gold standard of the Caesars Rewards program, as customers can use their status as a seven stars member to get room upgrades, early check-ins, late check-outs, airfare and dining credits, and more. Caesars Entertainment really rolls out the red carpet for these top-tier loyalty card holders.

How to Earn Reward Credits and Tier Credits at Caesars Rewards

There are a ton of ways to earn both reward credits and tier credits with Caesars Rewards. The table below details all of the ways that Caesars Entertainment patrons can earn both forms of credits that can be used to climb the tier structure listed above.

MethodHow to Earn
Slots1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per $5 wagered
Video Poker1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per $10 wagered
Bingo1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per $10 wagered
Live Keno1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per $3 wagered
Table Games1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per $25 wagered
Racing1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per $3 wagered
Sports Betting1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit for every $5 of potential profit
Hotel Stays1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per dollar spent
Shopping1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per dollar spent
Dining1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per dollar spent
Other Amenities (Spa, Golf, etc.)1 Reward + 1 Tier Credit per dollar spent

In addition to the options listed above, there is also the opportunity to earn bonus credits for racking up certain numbers of tier credits in a single day. Here is a look at those tier credit bonuses that can be earned on a daily basis.

Tier Credits Earned in a DayBonus Amount
500 Tier Credits125 Tier Credits
1,000 Tier Credits1,000 Tier Credits
2,500 Tier Credits5,000 Tier Credits
5,000 Tier Credits10,000 Tier Credits

How to Redeem Caesars Reward Credits

Redeeming Caesars Rewards credits can be a convenient way to earn sportsbook and casino credit, or save money on some of the other Caesars Entertainment options out there. To redeem these reward credits, customers can fire up the Caesars Rewards mobile app to choose what they want to use those credits on. They can also use the Caesars Sportsbook and Casino app to redeem those credits for free play.

Along with free play, Caesars Rewards customers can redeem their reward credits for the following:

  • Hotel stays
  • Tickets for sports, concerts, or theater events
  • Spa services
  • Dining experiences
  • Gift cards
  • Electronics, houseware, and apparel (through Caesars Rewards eCatalog)
  • Buy-ins to official WSOP events
  • Caesars-branded merchandise

Caesars Rewards FAQ

Is Caesars Rewards legit?

Yes, Caesars Rewards is a legitimate rewards program that offers tangible benefits at a number of Caesars Entertainment properties.

How do I earn Caesars Rewards credit?

The table above has the full list of ways to earn reward credits with Caesars Rewards, which include sports betting, casino gaming, and even things like dining and hotel stays.

What can I use my reward credits on?

Reward credits can be used everything from free sportsbook and casino play to discounted dining and hotel stays.

How do I become a Seven Stars member?

Seven Stars membership at Caesars Rewards is awarded by invitation only, though players must have at least 150,000 tier credits over a one-year period to be eligible.

Does Caesars Rewards have an app?

Yes, there is a Caesars Rewards mobile app where players can track all of their earnings and spend their reward credits.

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