Bronnie James might bypass college basketball to join NBA

Last updated July 22, 2022


The recruitment of Bronnie James, a four-star shooting guard from Sierra Canyon, continues to be a hot topic ahead of his senior season. After making headlines during the Nike Peach Jam earlier this week, the son of NBA star LeBron James received much attention. On the 247Sports YouTube channel, Adam Finkelstein discussed the record Bronnie James holds in the class of 2023. He also talked about the potential of college basketball and the nation's 52nd ranking.

Bronnie had the biggest crowd during the week. According to 247Sports's Andrew Finkelstein, he had a game on Monday that he described as the most aggressive match he had ever seen. The young shooting guard scored 28 points and went down in the passage more frequently.

"Here's the thing with Bronnie – like I said, Bronnie had the biggest crowd all week." Finkelstein said. "He had an important match – I think it was Monday – he scored 28 points. I wrote about it in my 247Sports review that day because it was the most aggressive match I have ever seen. I think he went down in the passage more than I had seen him before."

One of the best parts of Bronnie's game is his ability to make plays on the open floor. He has a high touch and body control and can get around people quickly.

"And it's one of the best parts of his game that we don't talk about enough, and perhaps it's becoming a more permanent staple of his game," Finkelstein continued. "His speed and power on the open floor combined with his ability to layup on the ring – he has amazing touch and body control – is top notch and he did it very, very well on Monday."

In addition to his ability to make plays on the open floor, Bronnie also had a big game last week, as he had a couple of impressive highlights, including a big dunk. The 6-foot-2 shooting guard had been consistent throughout the week.

Doubt about signing Bronnie

Although he doesn't have an offer on his interest page, Bronnie is still considered one of the most talented players in the class of 2023. According to Finkelstein, the recruitment of the young shooting guard goes beyond his impressive performances on the court. It's believed that he's planning on bypassing college and going straight to the NBA.

One of the questions that Finkelstein has been on his mind is which team will approach Bronnie. According to the host, the college basketball coaching staff coaches often talk about signing Bronnie.

According to 247Sports, Bronnie is currently the 52nd-ranked prospect in the class of 2023. He showcased his potential during the Nike Peach Jam in South Carolina. Seeing how he performed, his recruitment will continue to rise in the next couple of months.

Despite the various factors that have contributed to the recruitment of Bronnie, Finkelstein remained confident that the shooting guard is not likely to sign with a college basketball program.

"I think everybody is in agreement that he is a good player who can impact winning pretty much from day one at the college level. I just think the perception—although we haven't heard anything definitive at all out of Bronny's camp—is that he is not likely to play college basketball," Finkelstein said.

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