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PGA Golf Picks this week

Get free golf betting picks and predictions from our Golf experts. The betting tips are free and we cover all the Majors and the PGA tour. We try to find the best value possible. Check out below for this week's golf picks.
12:00 PM ET Jul 21
Golf Major Winner
Max Homa to win a Major in 2024
12:00 PM ET Jul 21
Golf Major Winner
Adam Scott to win a Major in 2024

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  • What factors should I consider when picking golfers to bet on?

  • Can I place live bets during a golf tournament?

  • What is the best way to bet on golf majors?

  • How do weather conditions affect golf betting?

Betting on the PGA tour is entertaining, and if you do it right also add some money into your pocket. You've come to the right place if you're a casual bettor who enjoys golf betting or a professional bettor searching for an advantage.

It is notoriously tricky to predict the winner of a golf tournament because of the number of players and the length of the event. Anything can happen and very often does.Β A player may seem unstoppable until he scores a triple bogey on the homeward nine on Saturday, opening up space on the leaderboard. The unpredictability is one of many great things about golf.Β 

Now, let's have a look at how to bet on Golf.

How to Bet - Types of Golf betting picks & predictions

PGA tournaments have 132, 144, or 156 players starting on the field. The majority of the competitors will be PGA members. However, there will be sponsored invitations and invitations sent out for other purposes. Golf betting differs from traditional sports betting in that it is more complex than simply two teams with one winner.Β 

Because a golf tournament is played across four days, a player's odds might alter substantially from one day to the next based on their previous round score. The top ten golf betting bets reflect this intricacy. These are:

  1. Outright winner
  2. Top 5
  3. Top 10
  4. Miss the cut: bet on a player to miss the cut after the second round
  5. Make the cut: bet on a player to make the cut after the second round
  6. Most birdies: bet on the player to score the most birdies in a day or over the whole tournament
  7. Leader for each day of the tournament
  8. Best US player
  9. Best European player
  10. A player over/under par

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Changing odds

These odds can change as the day goes on. The favorite for the tournament should be getting around +800 odds, while the less favored players can get odds of up to +50000. The unusual thing with golf betting is that the favorite only wins occasionally. Therefore, it is better to hedge and pick three or four players to come in the top ten.

In the event of a tie, each bet will be divided by the number of players in that tie. There is an excellent opportunity to increase your chances with a player that did well after the first day. Betting on this player for the second day will see reduced odds but a less risky bet.

The field is cut in half after the second day, and the odds on the remaining players will be reduced. At this stage, if you have bet on a player to make the cut and nothing else, and he has, you have won your bet. After the second round, everyone will have a clearer idea of the players that are playing well, and you might place more money on them. However, all golf fans and sports bettors know that golf is a cruel game, and shooting a 65 on Friday can quickly be followed by a 75 on Saturday.

Betting strategies & Insights for golf

A smart golf betting strategy should be used by everyone. You might be betting on golf for the first time, and you'll discover that having a systematic approach might help you avoid making too many rookie mistakes.

The most apparent but difficult golf betting option is to bet on who will outright win an event. There's no ambiguity here; the player you bet on to win either wins or doesn't win after the tournament.

Factors golf bettors should consider before betting

Coming into a tournament, there are things you should know about the players and the course in order to make the most successful wagers.

The player

Check out their recent form. Golf can be a streaky sport with players playing well a few weeks in a row. If your favored player is in good condition, maybe it's time to bet on them. On the other hand, if your player has had recent lousy form, it might be wise to avoid betting on him.Β 

Golf is different from other sports in this respect, where, for example, a quarterback might have an off game on Sunday and a great one the week after. In golf, the player tends to play himself into form gradually, maybe due to swing changes or other minor alterations, and performance can be more easily predicted.

The course

An obvious variable affecting the sportsbook odds is the course. It will favor the long hitters, and the sportsbooks will adjust the odds accordingly if it is a long course. The players with the best wedge statistics will come in at lower odds on a short course β€” many greens will be reachable in two with an 8 or 9 iron or a pitching wedge. When a course is known for slick, tricky greens, the putting stats will be a significant factor in determining the odds for your player.

The weather

Find out what the weather will be like for the tournament. If it is dry, it will help the short hitters. In wet weather, the ball does not go as far, and the shorter hitter might struggle. When the greens are wet, the ball tends to stick, and the player who hits the ball in a high trajectory can quickly stop the ball on the green. They can play target golf in these conditions and shoot low numbers.

A windy day affects the players even more, especially if it blows for only half the day. Players that go out in the morning might play in calm conditions while the afternoon players play in a mini hurricane. This will affect the scoring dramatically. Therefore, you should check the weather the day before the tournament to see the conditions. Have a look at the schedule and correlate the weather with your player's first tee time.

The grass

There are six types of grass used on the PGA tour, and each grass type affects the way a golf course plays. Some grass types are hard to get out of, while others don't allow the ball to spin as much as expected. Most players have their favorite and least favorite grass. Find out what grass next week's course has and check it with your player profile. The devil is in the detail, and this might be the little bit of information that tips the bet your way.

The golf tours of the world

There are more than twenty official golf tours globally. The PGA Tour is the biggest, followed by the DP World Tour (formerly the European Tour). The top 6 events are:

  1. PGA Tour
  2. LPGA Tour
  3. PGA Champions Tour
  4. Asian Tour
  5. Japan Tour
  6. LPGA of Japan tour


The PGA Tour season in 2022 is well begun, and it will last until the end of August. The Master's Tournament, which Scottie Scheffler won in early April, was the season's first major. After that, the PGA Championship will be held in Oklahoma in May, followed by the US Open in Massachusetts in June and The Open Championship in July.

The 2022 Masters recently wrapped up, and Scottie Scheffler lived up to his top-ranked reputation by winning his first green jacket. Next up is the PGA Championship. Scheffler, Jon Rahm, and Rory McIlroy are among the current favorites in the futures market.

Women's tours have strong showings

The PGA and the Asian Tour are all a credit to men's golf and have helped grow the sport into one of the most popular. The LPGA and the Ladies European Tour have grown exponentially over the last couple of decades. The LPGA is truly cosmopolitan, with players from all over the world. The South Koreans have dominated women's golf, but the rest of the nations work hard to close the gap.

History of the 4 major tournaments

The Professional Golfers' Association, or PGA, was founded in 1916, and the first PGA Tour was held in 1929. The Masters followed in 1934. Around the middle of the 1990s, some current golf luminaries, including Sam Snead, the most successful golfer of all time, we're on the course. Both the British Open and US Open Championships predated these tournaments, starting in 1860 and 1895, respectively.

A roundup of golf betting

Last but not least, golf becomes more accessible to the public as access to equipment improves. Over hundreds of years, the history of golf has blossomed into a fascinating tapestry of characters and stories. Golf betting history is an engaging narrative in and of itself, evolving alongside the sport and altering over time. Betting on the "beautiful game" involves understanding nuance and respect for the skill involved.