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This includes all conferences, whether the Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, Sun Belt, SEC, Mountain West, or Pac-12. Our list covers games from the first week of NCAA Football to the end of the season.


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How does the college football scoring system work?

The scoring system works almost the same way as with the NFL. When a team is in possession, there are different ways it can score points. This includes touchdowns, field goals, extra points, two-points conversion, and safeties.

College Football Scores


This is the ultimate goal in a game, as it is worth 6 points. There are two ways a touchdown can be scored. The first is when a team's player carrying the ball advances to the opponent's goal after breaking a plane of opponent players. Another way a touchdown is scored is when a player recovers a loose ball behind his opponent's goal line. This touchdown can occur on a fumble, kickoff, or punt.

Field Goals

A field goal is worth 3 points, and it is usually a consolation prize for a team with an offense that stalls within 30-yards of its opponent line. This is scored when a player kicks the ball to pass the uprights of the opponent's goal post without the ball touching the ground or a player.

Extra Points and Two-Points Conversions

In NCAA, teams can also score extra points or two-point conversions after a touchdown. A team is awarded a try for a different point during the scrimmage down after a touchdown. The kicker has to kick the ball between the opponent's goalpost without it being blocked to score the point. An extra try in college football is played 3 yards away from the opponent's goal line.

In some cases, a team can decide to go for a two-point conversion after scoring a touchdown. To score a two points conversion, a team offense gets the ball on the 3-yard line and must advance to the opponent's goal line.


Scoring safeties in NCAA football is worth 2 points. This is awarded when a defense sends the ball to the opponent's end zone without a change in possession. It is also awarded when an offensive team is fouled in its end zone.

How to read the ATS based on the current NCAA football score

Against the Spread (ATS) is a standard bet in NCAA football, and it is easy to understand. A point spread is a negative or positive advantage that sportsbooks give a team. To know how to read ATS better, consider this example. If you bet on a team with a point spread of +8 and lose the game 32 - 25, your bet still wins. This is because the point spread is added to the team's score, making the final score 32 - 33. For negative point spread, the team has to score more than the spread for you to win.

How to read the Over/Under based on the score

The totals under/over bet is another popular bet in NCAA football. When you place this kind of bet when your team plays, you predict that the number of points scored in the game will be under or over a value specified by the sports betting site.Β 

For instance, if the final scoreboard during a college football match is 32 - 25, and you place a bet on over 56 points, you win in the game since the total score is 57. You are also winning if you place a bet on the total points under 58.

How to read the Moneyline based on the score

The Moneyline bet is one of the easiest betting markets available in this NCAA game. This is a bet on who will win the game. For example, if you place a Moneyline bet on a home team and the team wins 32 - 25, then your bet wins. However, note that this bet applies to only the game's scoreline in regular time unless stated otherwise by the sportsbook.

Live score Bets - Which NCAA football team will score next?

Once the NCAA season starts, you will be able to place both future bets and live bets. You can follow college football scores and the matchup right here on Sqore. Placing bets on in-play games can be fun, as you can use the game's current events to make the correct predictions. You can bet on which NCAA team will score the next goal in an encounter, which team will win the first half, and other proposition betting options.

Football live score betting is a fun and exciting form of betting on sports. Make sure to check out the number of football live score betting markets before selecting where to place your bets.Β 

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