Batgarel Danaa vs Chris Gutierrez Pick & Promo

Last updated March 25, 2022

8:00 PM ET Mar 26
Batgarel Danaa vs Chris Gutierrez

Batgarel Danaa -155 vs Chris Gutierrez

✅ Batgarel Danaa has found himself on quite a tear. He has notched three straight first round knock outs in the UFC, and looks to have completely found his stride. His most recent knock out was the most impressive, finishing a fighter that had not been knocked out in 22 previous fights. He is going to be the sharper, more active and more powerful striker in this matchup. He is set up to continue his knock out streak here. 

✅ Chris Gutierrez is solid and well rounded fighter, but not one that brings any real dynamism. His best weapon are his low leg kicks that he throws in volume. He has hurt opponents in that fashion and even finished a fight that way. He will land some of those in this fight, but it may not go as he hopes. Coming in to throw those leg kicks will open more opportunities for Batgarel's boxing, and the boxing will be more damaging the leg kicks. 

✅ In a fight that will take place predominantly in the stand up, Batgarel is the superior striker overall. His precision and power will be a level above what Gutierrez is prepared for. I do expect a knock out but there is not enough value offered to pivot from the flat line to the ITD line on Batgarel. 

Betting Pick: Batgarel -155
TJ Calkins
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