Avalanche celebrating Stanley Cup victory: 'A day they never forget'

Last updated June 30, 2022


After reaching the Stanley Cup, Nicholas Aube-Kubel crashed into the ice while trying to take a photo with the Colorado Avalanche, hitting the trophy.

The Stanley Cup, a 130-year-old relic of the National Hockey League, was immediately damaged. Fortunately, the team's players were able to quickly restore it. The trophy will be displayed during the team's parade in Denver on Thursday.

According to Phil Pritchard, known as the Keeper of the Cup, Aube-Kubel was very sorry about what happened. Pritchard also praised the team's players for their quick response to the incident. The Keeper of the Cup added that the incident was fixed and that the trophy looks great now.

Since 1988, Pritchard has been the main caretaker of the Stanley Cup. He will continue to carry it around the country as the league's tradition dictates.

Stanley Cup celebration

The team's victory has been celebrated for a hundred days, including a parade and a team photo. According to the curator, the significance of the trophy is that it shows the team's character and that it's not just about the players on the ice. It's also about the people who make the team, such as the coach, the teacher, and the grandparents.

The team plans to hold a parade for the players to get their day with the cup. However, according to Bill Daly, the league is not allowing the team to enter Russia. This means that Valeri Nichushkin won't be able to bring the cup to his hometown of Chelyabinsk.

Before the team's trip to the World Cup, the players and their families were briefed about the various activities that would be carried out during the celebrations. According to the Hockey Hall of Fame curator, the team tried to make plans work for everyone.

Avalanche fans to witness Stanley Cup

Although the cup has visited various countries under the stewardship of Pritchard, it has never been below the equator. Some of the strange encounters the cup has had include one with Lord Stanley.

In 1996, Ed Olczyk, a centre for the Rangers, fed the Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin during the Belmont Stakes. Also, in 1996, Sylvain Lefebvre, a member of the Avalanche, baptized his daughter Alexzandra inside the cup.

Although other sports organizations make new awards for their respective seasons, the Stanley Cup is the same. The biggest thing that the team does is respect the Stanley Cup. According to the 57-year-old curator, the league values the integrity of the trophy and that if the players want to do something with it, they should explain why they want to do it.

"If it makes sense, we’re good. If it’s just for a joke or a laugh, that’s not the respect the Stanley Cup deserves. But it’s always really well thought out. It’s hopefully a day they never forget,” said Pritchard.

The Avalanche's fans can also expect to see the Stanley Cup on the fire truck route during the parade. The trophy will stay in Denver until July 5 before it heads to Montreal and the draft. It's additionally possible that Lord Stanley will make appearances in the area.

"I'm sure there will be opportunities," said Pritchard. "Who knows? You could be walking around and the Stanley Cup could be right around the corner."

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