Angels to play Phillies, 'pretty special going back' says Mike Trout

Last updated June 3, 2022

The Los Angeles Angels will pay a visit to its series rival the Philadelphia Phillies for the remainder of this week. The rivalry is another thing for fans to look out for, since the attention from Philadelphia fans will likely be shifted to Angels star center fielder Mike Trout.

Trout is a Vineland, New Jersey-born, roughly an hour away from Philadelphia. On numerous occasions, the professional Major League player who has been playing in LA since 2011 has expressed that he enjoys returning to the area where he grew up.

Despite his excitement to return and 12 seasons of playing in the MLB, the veteran player Trout only has played as little as two games in Philadelphia.

Angels to tour in Philadelphia, ‘it's pretty special going back’ says Trout

The Angels have recently just wrapped their game series with the New York Yankees. The result was not that outstanding for LA. The Yankees had a complete sweep on the Angels, registering a margin-wide score this week.

The two’s most recent matchup was a doubleheader game played on Thursday where the Angels conceded 6-1 and 2-1. Outstanding performance will likely not going to work if being put in the sentence with LA Angels.

Ahead of taking on the Yankees, LA had four consecutive games with the Toronto Blue Jays from May 26 to 29 where the Angels suffered a complete sweep from their series rival. Luck is running out in LA and it remains unclear whether the team will be able to force the Phillies to a defeat.

On the other side, Philadelphia also has been limping this far. Most recently, the team only won one out of three games against the San Francisco Giants and failed to win a single game playing the New York Mets.

Despite the all-time low performance that the Angels have this far, the nine-time All-Star Trout remains excited to play the Phillies. Returning to what MLB analysts say, “Trout’s Town”, the 30-year-old spoke at Yankee Stadium that going back to Philadelphia is special for him.

“It's pretty special going back,” Trout said.

The question of whether the Phillies will return with hospitality is already out of the question. The team is looking to claim the series win. If anything right fielder Bryce Harper and the Phillies are more than eager to do, are to return the visiting team back to LA with an inflated number of defeat records.

The question for such ambition is likely related to Philadelphia having yet to win any 12 games encounter with the Angels. LA, on the other, is on a 12-win streak against the Phillies. The number is the highest any team in the league has ever made towards a single game opponent, as per Elias Sports Bureau.

The matchup will likely offer interesting sightseeing for fans of both teams. The Angels and the Phillies are looking to make more wins after a disappointing end in the previous game series—and the last thing they will have to worry is hospitability.

Moreover, Trout was seen in significant pain after his left arm pitch when the Angels played the Yankees recently. Despite the pain, the three-time AL MVP stayed for the remainder of the game and it remains unclear whether the pain would limit him when LA plays Philadelphia.

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