Aaron Donald finally speaks to media following brawl against Bengals

Last updated September 6, 2022

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald has finally spoken to the media since the fight between his team, the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals on August 25. During the joint practice session in Ohio, a fight broke out between the offense and the defense lines.

A video taken right at the moment, showed the two teams colliding with each other and Donald hitting the other team with the Bengals’ helmet. Then Donald fell backward with a helmet in his hand.

Donald answered reporters' questions regarding the brawl, and he said that he is happy that nobody hurts and he wants to focus on Week 1 at the moment.

Donald finally talked about the brawl

When asked about the situation, during a radio interview, Donald did not explain any further details. "It was just a practice," Donald said on The Zach Gelb Show. "Obviously, people got phones out and things like that, but I'm not going to sit and talk about negative stuff that happened at a practice.”

He mentioned that his attention is centered on Buffalo for now. “My main focus is Buffalo," added Donald.

When Donald was live on the AP Pro Football Podcast last week, he implied that the fight happened in a practice session, not an actual game. "it was just a practice. It was football. I don't really want to go back to nothing negative that happened and talk about something that happened in a practice."

Donald admitted that banging a helmet is a dangerous activity and could create an unwanted situation. “For sure,” he answered. “Everybody protected each other, everybody got out of the situation clean, healthy — that’s what mattered.”

He also mentioned that he does not give any concerns to people criticizing him. “I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on outside my world,” told him.

No punishment from the team

From the fight with the Bengals, it seems like the defensive tackle will not receive any punishment from the Rams.

When asked whether he will give Donald a punishment, coach Sean McVay answered that Donald’s situation has been handled internally and he didn’t give any details about that. "We've handled it internally and we'll keep that in house,"

When Donald was asked if he received any kind of punishment from the Rams, he said that they talked about it internally. “We talked,” said Donald.

Because the brawl happened during a practice session, Donald eventually didn’t get the punishment and currently preparing for his performance in the upcoming season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris share his thought on the condition. “It’s making sure that we don’t cross the lines when it’s time, when the games come down,” Morris insisted.

“You never ever want to do those things. You don’t want to have that on your resume. You don’t want to have that on paper. You don’t want to have that on a look.

“But at the same time, those things happen in practices. They’re mistakes, they’re errors and they’re correctable.” Morris said.

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