Rose Bowl to go on as stand-alone bowl

Last updated July 24, 2022

The Rose Bowl is regarded as the "Granddaddy" of all sports venues. It is an iconic setting and game, and those who are of a certain age will always associate it with the late Keith Jackson.

The University of Utah's football team made its first-ever appearance in the Rose Bowl this past year. Everyone who was a part of the program was very excited to see the team play in this prestigious event.

The Rose Bowl has lost much of its appeal due to the recent changes in the conference. Reports say that it will most likely be a stand-alone major bowl that will not be the same without Pac-12.

The Rose Bowl is one of the traditions that is not considered hockey and it is a prestigious event that can demand to be played on New Year's Day and early afternoon on the West Coast. This is because it has a powerful following.

Despite the various factors that have affected the Rose Bowl, it is still possible to see a great game. However, the event is already in the process of dying out.

The game has always been between the best teams from the Big Ten and the Pacific-12. However, since the two schools from LA that used to be part of the league are no longer playing in the Rose Bowl, some things are going to change. That said, the game will never be the same without the two.


O'Connell's opinion on Rose Bowl

Sean O'Connell of the SiriusXM Pac-12 channel discussed the future of the Rose Bowl during UnRivaled. He said that it is already becoming another bowl game.

"The Rose Bowl as we know it, Big Ten, Pac-12 championship is done. Big Ten, Pac-12 as a historic game is done. Because the Big Ten has cut the legs out from under the Pac-12, effectively," O'Connell said.

"So, I don't know what's going to happen to a game like that, but we know that there will be some iteration of the Rose Bowl and it'll just be a big money college football contest. Maybe it's part of the College Football Playoff."

Even though the conference could not survive without the Rose Bowl, it is still a big statement. Also, despite all of the history and significance of the game, the bowl doesn't want to feature lesser teams.

Since 2009, USC has only been to one Rose Bowl. However, since they could go to five of the six during the 2003 to 2008 seasons, they are considered a legitimate contender for the conference title.

During the conference movement and expansion round, there have been casualties. Some of these include the Texas A&M-Texas rivalry and the Utah-BYU rivalry. Losing these games is reportedly very significant to the people who grew up following these two schools.

The potential loss of the Rose Bowl to a different format will be talked about by many college football fans. One way to ensure that the game remains the “Granddaddy of them all” is to make it the championship game site.

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