Orlando Magic Wins No. 1 Pick In 2022 NBA Draft

Last updated May 18, 2022

The lottery for the 2022 NBA Draft was held on Tuesday, May 17, ahead of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. In all scenarios, the Orlando Magic won the NBA Draft and became the first to pick.

Paolo Banchero of the Duke Blue Devils, Chet Holmgren of the Gonzaga Bulldogs, and Jabari Smith of the Auburn Tigers are among the top three prospects. At the same time, the Houston Rockets, Magic, and Detroit Pistons had a 14 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick in the draft.

The lottery system identifies the teams that occupy the top 14 pick positions and regular-season records determine the order of the 15-30 picks. The results of the lottery will determine where the players will head in the NBA Draft which will be held on June 23.

2022 NBA Draft pick lottery results

Previously, the Magic had a poor record in the Eastern Conference regular season, finishing 22-6-. In the overall standings, the Magic was above the Houston, with 20-62 being the team's worst record. However, with the NBA's latest lottery rules, both had an equal chance of getting the first pick position.

This was the first time since 2004 that both of them had had the first pick. Thus, it is possible for both of them to add players with excellent prospects to the list of the NBA's youngest players.

With 24 wins last season, Oklahoma City Thunder had a 12 percent chance of being the first pick last Tuesday night, but in the end, the Thunder outperformed the Houston and the Pistons. The Thunder are the only team to have multiple choices in the lottery as they will pick No. 2 and 12.

According to research by ESPN Stats & Information, this was the fifth time the Thunder moved up from a pre-lottery draft position in history. On the other hand, the Sacramento Kings (30-52) only had a 7.5 percent chance of reaching the first position.

In 2021, the Pistons voted for Cade Cunningham for the first time in the overall standings. The team was guaranteed a top-five pick in the draft under the revised lottery rules. This was because the Pistons were in the bottom three teams.

The Los Angeles Lakers got the No. 8 pick, which was then sent to the New Orleans Pelicans to trade against Anthony Davis. The Los Angeles Clippers sent pick No.12 to the Thunder to get Paul George in a trade.

Magic takes first place in 2022 NBA Draft pick

Magic coach Jahmal Mosley replaced franchise president Jeff Weltman to get on stage and roll the dice. Weltman said, “the coach feels lucky and we let him roll the dice tonight. he is the best coach of the year".

The Magic's achievement in winning the lottery has allowed them to design team strategies to the fullest. This is also a golden opportunity for the Magic to add competent and potential players such as Smith, Holmgren, and Banchero.

Weltman said he was confident the team would add one of those players to the squad. “Lots of elite-level prospects at the top of the draft. The team will conduct due diligence on the player,” he said. The franchise president also expressed his desire to add talented, young, and strong players to the Magic’s talent base and roster.

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