Hawks vs Heat: Game 3 stalled following mysterious package discovery

Last updated April 24, 2022

In Game 3 of the NBA playoffs this season, the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Miami Heat 111-110. This season, the two teams have met eight times. On the Heat side, many techniques have been demonstrated to produce a winner, including defense, shooting, and bluffing the opponent. The Heat won the series 2-1 despite trailing by one point in Game 3.

Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young had battled hard in the first two games of the playoffs. With 4.4 seconds left in the game, he accomplished the same thing he did in Game 3 by hitting the floater on the lane. The Hawks will be able to overcome the 16-point disadvantage they faced in the second half against Miami this way. Young claimed that he took the step without hesitation. The Hawks were able to rebound with the ball in Young's hands, so the opportunity to call a timeout was lost.

When Young competed on his home court, it was apparent that he put up his best effort. However, he was restricted to eight points in Miami's first-round rout and had the worst 10-turnover game of his career in Game 2. Despite a great defensive effort from the Heat, he was able to score 24 points and overturn the game three times. In addition, Young hit a game-winning shot in the final seconds.

Meanwhile, Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 18 points, De'Andre Hunter scored 17 points, and three other players scored in double figures to relieve the guard's strain. The Hawks led by 11 points at halftime, and Hunter's 3-pointer in the final 8 minutes of the third quarter gave them a 68-63 lead. That's when the Heat regained possession of the game, which had been delayed.

Miami Heat

With 12.6 seconds left, Jimmy Butler missed a jumper that would have put the Heat up three points. Butler missed a balance 3 at Hunter's buzzer on the second try, denying the Heat a chance to win the game. Butler had intended to go 'free, shoot, and make,' but he failed to do so and will try again next time.

PJ Tucker dominated the game with a 21-0 third-quarter score, giving the Heat an 84-68 advantage. The Heat is expected to take a 3-0 lead if these points are scored, but neither Young nor the Hawks will allow that to happen.

Kyle Lowry, the Heat's point guard, suffered a hamstring injury in the third quarter, preventing him from playing until the final seconds. On Saturday, April 24, Lowry will undergo a series of tests to evaluate the degree of his injury.

Butler responded to Lowry's injury by saying that he enjoyed his playing and that it would be a wonderful thing if he could play for the Heat in the following game. Butler was restricted to 20 points in Game 3 and squandered a golden opportunity to lead Miami to the championship. This game came down to a 45-point performance in the best playoff round of his career.

Tyler Herro and Max Strus have 24 and 20 points, respectively, to lead the Heat.

Mysterious package

A suspicious package was discovered directly outside the arena's gate 2, delaying the tipoff. The other three gates were shut to prevent fans from entering. The police and stadium security, on the other hand, vacated the area and began an inquiry into the package.

The package was removed without detonation by a bomb disposal team, and the entrance door was reopened. Despite the fact that the game was delayed, many fans were forced to wait in long lines outside the arena before the game could resume.

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