Former NFL coach Brian Billick agrees to join Arizona Sun Devil

Last updated January 26, 2022

Four years ago, Ray Anderson, Arizona State athletic director, announced that Herm Edwards would be the next head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devils. Anderson also preached about his vision for the team going forward and would like to establish a 'New Leadership Model.'

The concept was quickly widely known as the 'NFL model,' which is a lot like an administrative procedure. Back then, they believed that their program could become an unprecedented success.

Basically, the NFL model would have the athletic department as an NFL-style front office, with the head coach overseeing the football operations.

The results on the field have been nothing revolutionary. The Sun Devils are only slimly better than they were under Todd Graham.

Moreover, the NCAA's investigation into recruiting violations has caused the fabric of this model to start to fray.

The Sun Devils football program is still running the NFL model despite the issues. Over the past couple of years, they have hired former NFL players and assistant coaches.

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ASU lands Billick to continue its NFL model

On Monday, it was announced that Brian Billick, the former head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, would be joining the team as an Offensive Analyst and Advisor to the Head Coach.

The Sun Devil announced the recruitment on its Twitter account, 

"Excited to announce the addition of Super Bowl-winning head coach Brian Billick as a new Offensive Analyst and Advisor to the Head Coach," the team tweeted. "Welcome to Tempe, Coach Billick!"

During Billick's time with the Ravens, he posted a record of 85-67, and he consistently had his teams in the playoffs. One of his best seasons was in 2000 when the defense led to a Super Bowl title with an NFL record-low 165 allowed points.

Billick's addition to the team is expected to boost his already stellar reputation in the league, including being a head coach, an offensive analyst, and a respected television personality. 

"I have known Brian since the 1980s and he is a person whom I completely trust," said Edwards. "He has built one of the finest reputations the NFL has ever known, serving as a head coach, an assistant coach and as a respected television analyst."

Edwards also regards Billick as one of the smartest offensive coaches, "Brian has one of the brightest offensive minds in football today and that is especially why I hired him."

One of the main factors that pushed Billick to join the team was his familiarity with the Sun Devils' program and their athletic director. He also reunites with his former defensive coordinator, Marvin Lewis. Additionally, Billick mentioned that he has known Edwards and his other assistants for a long time.

Billick also said that he thought it was the right time for him to join the team since he has always admired the program and its supporters.

"They proposed this opportunity to me, to have another set of eyes looking at and evaluating Sun Devil football and I thought it was the right time for me to make this move," the former Ravens coach said.

Billick must reform ASU's offense

The offensive issues that affected the team during the last couple of games of the season were brought to Billick's attention. The quarterback, Jaelen Daniels, struggled and was not considered a factor in the offense.

Thus, resulting in the Sun Devil finishing last in the conference regarding passing yards and completion percentage.

Although the program has not seen the effects of the NFL model yet, Billick's hiring has raised the profile of the team's coaches and the fans' expectations.

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