DJ LeMahieu Leads Yankees To Victory, Chad Green On Injury List

Last updated May 23, 2022

The New York Yankees just defeated the Chicago White Sox in Saturday’s game with a final score of 7-5. The team bounced back after getting defeated by the Baltimore Orioles 6-9 on Thursday. The Yankees currently recorded 29-10 as their best record in baseball with 10 wins out of their last 12 games.

Yankees vs White Sox game review

Infielder DJ LeMahieu showed some great moves by hitting his second career grand slam and led the Yankees to 5-0 in the second inning. This was LeMahieu's third home run of the season and the Yankee's first grand slam of the season.

In addition, LeMahieu's achievement also marked his 49th homer in four seasons with the Yankees. This figure was previously achieved by LeMahieu in eight seasons with the Colorado Rockies.

LeMahieu's achievements came on the day he reached 10 years of service time in the big leagues. Regarding that, he said “It’s hard to wrap my mind around 10 years. If they would have told me that 10 years ago I would have been here now, I would have been pretty shocked. Ten years and have a good game and get a win, I can’t ask for much more.”

Furthermore, Clay Holmes did "the best sinker in the world" in the last 1/3 inning to lock the save. So far, Holmes has made two consecutive saves in many of the Yankees' winning streaks.

In the third round, Jose Abreu of the White Sox was able to hit homers three times. This made Nestor Cortes, a left-handed pitcher, needed 69 pitches to make it through 3 innings. Cortes was able to increase the score to 6-3 when he distributed six strokes and seven strikes.

Shortly after, the White Sox were able to equalize to 6-5 in the sixth inning. This was achieved thanks to three doubles from Michael King creating two runs.

The lead became 7-5 for the Yankees when Aaron Judge beat singles infield to fill the base with one out for Anthony Rizzo who hit a sacrificial shot to the left.

Chad Green’s elbow injury

Green strained his right elbow after making a sixth-inning pickoff throw to first base in the Yankees game in Baltimore. This injury requires surgery and he will be out for two weeks or more. Regarding this, Aaron Boone as the manager is still waiting for the doctor's opinion. Even so, he was worried if this injury was severe and significant.

What happened to Chad made Boone quite emotional. According to him, Green is a professional player not only in terms of training but also in maintaining his performance. Green is also considered to have a consistent track record of success making it difficult to replace.

Josh Donaldson’s racial slur

The shocking incident of this match was the racial slur Josh Donaldson shouted at Tim Anderson by calling him 'Jackie'. This nickname refers to Jackie Robinson because Anderson has dark skin.

Donaldson also rebutted by saying that his nickname referred to Anderson's claim in a 2019 interview that he referred to himself as 'Jackie Robinson today. He also assured the public that his party and Anderson considered it a joke.

Regarding this matter, MLB is still conducting further investigations.

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