Brendan Allen vs Jacob Malkoun Pick & Promo

Last updated June 9, 2022

12:00 AM ET Jun 12
Brendan Allen vs Jacob Malkoun

Brendan Allen is a -300 favorite against Jacob Malkoun. Their middleweight fight takes place at UFC 275 on Saturday June 11th, 2022. These fighters will make the walk between 920 and 930PM EST. 

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Brendan Allen -300 vs Jacob Malkoun

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✅ The UFC is hesitating to give Brendan Allen the types of fights he deserves. He will probably be happy to take the win purses, and has a massive advantage in this fight. He is simply levels above his opponent. Allen’s striking continues to catch up with his grappling prowess.. Allen of course is great on the mat, and he knows how to secure submissions in MMA. He has five ground finishes just under the UFC banner, and the 26 year old will only continue to improve. I am looking for a disadvantage that Allen might face in this matchup and coming up empty. 

✅ Jacob Malkoun is a wrestler that is coming off a pair of wrestling heavy wins. He had wrestling success against poor defensive wrestlers in those matchups. He now gets a massive step up in competition, and frankly, one he is not ready for. Malkoun’s striking leaves something to be desired, and we have already seen him knocked out in the octagon. Malkoun will be at a large striking disadvantage, which will likely see him resort to his wrestling. That is perhaps a bigger problem as Allen is the superior grappler. It will not be difficult for Allen to either return to his feet, or perhaps more likely, realistically threaten submissions. The paths to victory for Malkoun are limited to none, and the betting line simply does not reflect that fact. 

✅ Allen is the superior overall fighter by a large margin. Allen has real counters for Malkoun’s strengths and the same cannot be said for Malkoun. The betting public is aware of the mismatch here. The Allen line was -260 just a couple days ago and has sparked to -300. While a finish is probably more likely than not, a victory in some capacity for Allen should be the takeaway. With that being the case, we will take Allen at the -300 flat price tag. 

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